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Before you bring your new waterbed home, it is important to take into consideration the extra care that must go into maintaining it long term. Many consumers jump into purchasing a water bed mattress only to find that it takes a little more work than other mattresses, and comes with one major precaution that must be followed. Of course, once you understand the requirements of care water beds are well worth the effort for many consumers.

Waterbed mattresses differ from every other sort of mattress because they are filled with liquid which could cause major damage to your home in the case of a large leak.

High quality mattresses today are made with a security liner that will keep the water from rushing out in the even something major were to happen to the outer mattress, but it is still important to take appropriate caution to buy a high quality mattress made of a thick, durable material. Also, the precaution must continue at home so that the sharp objects are never placed around the mattress.

Another way waterbeds differ from innerspring, coil, or latex mattresses is in the care they require. The surface of a waterbed is warm and inviting with the heat function, but also must be cleaned regularly with a vinyl cleaner. The water adds a comforting feel to the bed, but must be treated with the appropriate kind of conditioner every six months.

This simply requires pouring it in, but if you want to keep your water fresh and bacteria free it is absolutely essential. While both of these care steps seem minor, they require responsibility and a small extra expense that must be kept up with long term.

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What you get for the extra hassle and time spent in caring for your bed is an extremely comfortable mattress that costs less than other types of high quality mattresses and will last much longer.

A waterbed is the best mattress for anyone looking for a lot of comfort and support but doesn’t necessarily want to spend a fortune on a new bed.

There are a lot of options when it comes to the way waterbed mattresses are made today. Water mattresses still offer the heat function that makes them attractive to most people, but they can be made with layers of memory foam and other comforting materials.

They can be made to any level of firmness you require, but make sure you can keep up with the care they require before purchasing.