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Waterbed Mattresses

Whether the lure of a waterbed mattress for you is crawling into warm sheets on a cold night or the more fluid movement they allow, there are many decisions that go into picking out the perfect one for your home. The days of one simple mattress fitting all beds are gone, as a water mattress these days can bring many of the same features and benefits of a regular coil bed.

Whether you need a little extra support for the back or want a firm feel while still having the sensation of sleeping on water, there are water bed mattresses on the market to suit your needs perfectly. The trick to finding the perfect water mattress for your home is to consider the many different options provided by a few of the top name brands on the market.

Boyd Waterbed Mattress

Boyd water bed mattresses offer range from 60-98% waveless and come with differing amounts of fiber layers inside the mattress to control the flow of water. While providing high quality mattresses at reasonable prices, they also consider additional needs of some consumers. They have models with extra lumbar support and even carry hydraulic mattresses. Dual mattresses can also be found, offering different levels of wave and support on each side of the bed.

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Strobel Waterbed Mattresses

This manufacturer carries mattresses from 70-100% waveless. Besides standard waterbed mattresses made of high quality materials, they also offer a line excellent lumbar support and double mattresses with two different levels of firmness.

Sterling Waterbed Mattresses

This brand does not offer and many different models as the others, but the mattresses they do carry are high quality products with extra sidewall support. The semi-waveless mattresses range from 80-99% waveless, with different layers of fibers included in each model.

All of these brands receive a lot of attention from waterbed mattress reviews, and they are a great place to start if you are looking into what owning a waterbed will entail. Picking the best waterbed mattress is very similar to picking out a regular coil mattress, and there are about as many decisions to make along the way. The most important is deciding how much wave you want in your mattress and finding manufacturers that secure the inner fibers so they are less likely to slip out of place a year or two down the road.

Purchasing a waterbed mattress is a great decision for many consumers, but it is important to ensure that you pick one that will fit your sleep needs and that is made with durable materials that will not easily lead to damaging leaks. There is also some additional upkeep that you should be aware of prior to purchasing.