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Visco Foam Mattresses

Picking out a new bed is not as easy as it used to be. The days of having a few different brand names with a few different models are long gone, as the market is now saturated with unknown brands sitting along side the well known brands.

Each brand also puts out different lines with catchy names, and within those lines are several different models all with different specs. Add to it that some brands will put out the same brand under different names to different stores, and it is enough to make your head spin!

Yet, in the midst of all that some consumers are able to do the research and sort out the best mattress on the market, and more often then not that is a visco foam mattress.

What exactly is a visco elastic foam mattress? Visco foam is the result of years of NASA research that was aimed at finding a solution to sleep problems faced by astronauts living in space.

There are many challenges to astronauts, and finding bedding that relieved pressure points and gave a lot of support while remaining comfortable was crucial. The result of that research is now available on the open market in the form of a memory foam mattress.

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What makes a visco memory foam mattress stand out from the innerspring mattresses that we are all very familiar with is the ability to take the pressure of body weight from key parts of the body and distribute it evenly across the entire bed.

This provides support to the body, instead of making the body support itself throughout the night.

Simply put: you will not toss and turn as much with a memory foam mattress. The foam conforms to your body and gives support where it is needed most, so you get a more restful sleep and your body does not feel so much pressure.

That kind of support is invaluable to almost anyone, but especially to those who need more support due to injuries or other problems.

Memory foam is now being included in other types of bedding to provide more comfort and support with different types of cores, such as latex bedding. The visco foam mattress is providing the most comfortable night of sleep you could ask for right now, but it also holds great potential for making rest even better in the future.