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Vera Wang Mattress

There simply is nothing like a Vera Wang mattress. From the outside in, each mattress is designed to impress. Designed by one of the top names in the fashion industry you would assume that each mattress should be of the utmost quality, but does this line of bedding from Serta truly live up to the name? Or could there be something lacking?

There is no doubt that the luxurious fabrics quilted on top of each Vera Wang Serta mattress is some of the best that you will find in the mattress industry. Vera Wang is definitely someone who knows a little something about fabric and she chooses wisely for this mattress collection. The beauty catches your eye the moment you see one of these mattresses, but what matters most with a bed is what is underneath that soft, soothing fabric.

There are many different models when it comes to Vera Wang mattresses. At the lower end of the price range you have models that include only high quality innersprings and support foam, but at the higher end you have models that include both memory foam and latex foam. There are also models that include either memory or latex foam. Exactly how much of these top quality materials you actually receive depends on which model you select.

Vera Wang beds also offer an environmentally friendly alternative: the specialty Talalay latex core model. A solid latex core is the most durable and resilient mattress that you can purchase today and easily has a life span of well over thirty years. This material is also hypo-allergenic and is suitable for anyone with severe allergies.

The specialty bed also includes a second core made of visco-memory foam for added comfort. This material is known for conforming to your individual body so that pressure points are reduced or completely alleviated. The result is less aches and pains and a more sound sleep. The top fabric is also pure cotton and treated with aloe vera for an extra touch of care.

Each Vera Wang mattress has something special to offer, even if you can only afford a more basic model. Just make sure to compare prices with other similarly priced models because the more basic models can easily be topped by some competing brands that include memory foam within the same price range. That said, it is rather hard to top the quality and luxurious comfort offered by the Vera Wang specialty model.

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