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Therapedic Mattress

Studies have shown that a good night’s sleep brings much needed refreshment and the focus of mind that is required to make it through the busy lifestyle most people lead today. A good mattress is the key to sleeping comfortably and soundly. Therapedic mattresses have been patented in many countries because of their advanced design, and are now widely available with a variety of options to choose from.

Therapedic Kathy Ireland Mattress

The Kathy Ireland mattress is an all natural option made completely of latex foam. The latex foam combined with the Seven Zone Comfort System will ease you into sleep and help to maintain your preferred sleeping position throughout the night. The Kathy Ireland First Lady line includes three enticing models: the Alexandria, the Serengeti Nights, and the Romantic Elegance.

Therapedic Memory Touch Mattress

This mattress combines great construction with ultra comfort. It uses a new coil design that adjusts to your body weight. The frame is encased in foam to prevent sagging on the edges and to absorb movement on the bed for a quieter period of rest. The memory foam padding will ensure spinal alignment as it slowly forms to the shape of your body. It reduces pressure for a more sound sleep and will help ease tired and achy muscles.

Therapedic AirTouch Mattress

The Air Touch Mattress provides individual chambers of air that will provide needed support for the neck, back, and legs. The adjustments can be made on either side of the bed to accommodate individual sleeping positions.

Therapedic Innergy Mattress

The Innergy mattress is made using an exclusive coil design. The coils are alternated in direction to help provide support over the entire mattress surface and to prevent sagging at the edges. The coils are encased in foam to make the mattress conform to your weight and body build. This will provide additional support for you back which will reduce rolling around to find a comfortable position.

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Therapedic PureTouch Mattress

The Pure Touch Mattress is made from pure latex foam. The mattress has seven individual zones to support all areas of your body from head to toe. Like most other therapedic mattresses, it conforms to your body based on weight and size. It provides the support that you need no matter what sleep position you are in. It is one hundred percent resistant to all airborne bacteria to help keep you healthy.

When compared with other options on the market today, Therapedic mattresses are higher quality, top of the line sleep aids that will provide more support and comfort. They are made to suit individual needs and are great for anyone with back or joint problems. With so many options, there is sure to be one that will deliver the great night of sleep that you deserve.