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TempurPedic RhapsodyBed Mattress

With the Tempurpedic RhapsodyBed you see what sleeping on memory foam is really supposed to be like. This is one of those beds that people fall in love with on a showroom floor only to drop their jaw to the floor when they take a peek at the price tag. Easily running a few thousand dollars for a single queen sized mattress, is there something that makes the Rhapsody worth all that money?

The price tag has always been the big drawback with Tempurpedic mattresses. While they are the absolute best memory foam mattresses for pressure and tension relief, there is a price attached that many are very reluctant to pay. In recent years more and more people are coming around, but that is only after spending ten or more years suffering with different mattress brands that leave them stiff, achy and restless come morning.

What the Tempurpedic Rhapshody mattress offers is a combination of Tempur foam material and the new higher density Tempur-HD material. There are plenty models that offer only the basic Tempur material at a more affordable price, but the comfort that is created from the inclusion of the higher density foam makes a noticeable difference.

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The RhapsodyBed memory foam features a new TEMPUR-HD comfort layer on top of the traditional Tempur foam support layer. This new blend of foam is a higher density which increases the ability of the mattress to conform to the body and deliver unsurpassed support and cushioned comfort. This material is also more resilient than most other memory foams, which means it bounces back into place quicker when you move and is much slower to form body impressions over time.

The RhapsodyBed by Tempurpedic also benefits from the cooler nature of the Tempur material. It is designed to breathe more so air circulates around the body and less body heat is trapped in. Since waking up in an intense sweat has been one of the biggest complaints with memory foam mattresses in general, Tempurpedic comes out ahead in this area.

The best value is the RhapsodyBed King, which gives plenty room for two or more people to sleep soundly without being interrupted by one another.

The Tempurpedic RhapsodyBed is one of the most comfortable beds on the market, and those who can overcome their initial sticker shock often turn out to be lifelong Tempurpedic customers.