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TempurPedic OriginalBed - Still Considered to be the Best Mattress

TempurPedic beds are known as the industry leader when it comes to foam beds that keep the body in proper alignment night after night. This type of mattress is now in high demand from consumers, and the TempurPedic OriginalBed mattress is what started it all...

Tempurpedic AlluraBed - A Perfect Combination of Style and Comfort

So, what exactly makes the AlluraBed by Tempurpedic so much better than these other mattresses? More importantly, why should anyone pay the higher price for the Tempurpedic name brand...

Tempurpedic Beds - The Original And Best Memory Foam Mattress

While a lower cost memory foam bed may feel just as comfortable as a Tempurpedic foam bed at first, chances are that the foam will start to wear down much quicker than the patented Tempur material...

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Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews

There are a lot of people out there willing to claim that the Tempurpedic mattress makes the best bed you could ever sleep in. The brand is well known for comforting and supporting the body so that every sleeper wakes up properly aligned and pain-free, but are these mattresses really all they claim to be?

TempurPedic CelebrityBed Mattresses

If you have ever envied the luxury that celebrities in our society are entitled to live with, you will be glad to hear that some of that luxury is available to the rest of us at a reasonable price. When it comes to indulgent bedding, the Tempurpedic CelebrityBed mattress brings a taste of that luxury into your bedroom.

It is one of the most comfortable foam based beds on the market, but what makes it so different from memory foam beds?

Not all foam is created equal, and extensive research has gone into the Tempur material used in the Celebrity pillow top mattress. The open cell design allows for better air circulation so the mattress does not sleep extremely hot. That alone is a big improvement over beds made with typical memory foam, but the supportive nature of the Tempur material sets it apart even more. While many other beds include the foam only in certain areas of the mattress, Tempurpedic mattresses have a solid support layer that extends to every inch of the sleeping surface.

Proper body support is great, but how comfortable is the CelebrityBed by Tempurpedic? A plush pillow topper filled with an extra thick layer of the Tempur material works well with the firmer support of the layer inside the mattress. The result is an ultra soft sleeping surface that still offers body support from below. Part of living in luxury is having the best of both worlds, and with the CelebrityBed Tempurpedic mattress you can have the soft, plush comfort that you need to sink into your dreams yet your body will still be supported.

The Tempur material is made with an open cell construction, which means it breathes better than other foams. This is important because the lack of proper air circulation makes many foam based mattresses extremely hot to sleep in. It is common to read mattress reviews for Tempurpedic knock-offs where people are sleeping on the floor just to cool off in the middle of the night. This is not a problem with a genuine Temperpedic mattress, thanks to the way the material is manufactured to breathe.

Another perk to the unique open cell construction of the Tempur material is that it naturally resists infestation from mites and other common bed bugs. This makes it a great alternative for people with severe allergy conditions, and allows it to compete with latex mattresses. The top cover is also made with a cashmere fiber blend, which makes it even more resistant to allergants.

If you want a bit of best worlds, then odds are the Tempurpedic CelebrityBed mattress will be the perfect fit for your bedroom.

Which Is The Best Tempurpedic Mattress?

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Tempurpedic BellaFina Bed

The Tempurpedic BellaFina Bed is one of the more reasonably priced mattresses from the brand, though it remains in a price range where many people hesitate to make a final purchase...

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Tempurpedic Memory Foam Mattress - Why It's The Market Leader

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