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TempurPedic Beds

Tempurpedic beds set the standard to be beat in the memory foam mattress market many years ago. When they first hit the market there wasn’t a bed that could compare in terms of pressure relief, but the market is now flooded with knock-offs claiming to comfort your body in the exact same ways. Memory foam has become one of the top selling mattress materials. So, is Tempurpedic the best brand out there, or has someone else stolen the spotlight?

For consumers who want the absolute best and are willing to pay for it, Tempurpedic memory foam beds remain the best option if comfort and body support is the main concern. Yet, there are many consumers who do not want to spend thousands of dollars on a single bed or are simply unable to do so. These consumers are turning to alternative brands that use memory foam similar to the Tempur material, but sell for a lower price.

While a lower cost memory foam bed may feel just as comfortable as a Tempurpedic foam bed at first, chances are that the foam will start to wear down much quicker than the patented Tempur material would. This is especially true with some off brands that use very low density foam to cut costs. While these may feel comfortable and support the body at first, in just a little time they start to form body impressions that can become deep and extremely uncomfortable.

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This is because beds by Tempurpedic do not use just any kind of memory foam. They actually use special foam they call Tempur material. It is actually foam, but it’s their own patented blend that was the result of years of NASA research. The search for the perfect space bed turned into the perfect Earth bed; and this material is in fact quite resilient when compared with wither memory foam materials.

Now, they even have higher density foam called Tempur-HD that is available in their more luxurious models, such as the Grand Bed. Of course, the price on this bed is well beyond what most people can afford to pay, which makes other top brands of memory foam mattresses more appealing.

Tempurpedic beds do still have a premium place in the mattress market, but they are held back some by the sticker shock that hits many people when they think about making a purchase. For those that can afford the best, there are even Tempurpedic bed sheets made from luxury cottons to complete the experience.