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TempurPedic Pillow

If you're going to buy a Tempur Pedic mattress it really does makes sense to buy a Tempur Pedic pillow. In order to achieve correct spine alignment and receive the full benefits of the pressure relieving properties of a memory foam mattress you need to support your neck. This is especially important when sleeping on your side.

When sleeping, your spine should be the same shape as when you're standing up. Using a Tempur Pedic pillow will help to ensure your spine stays in correct alignment to give you maximum comfort and, therefore, sleep.

A while ago there was one one type of pillow from Tempur Pedic but now the company offers the consumer several types. What follows is a quick review of the Tempur Pedic pillows on offer.

Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam Pillows from HealthyBack.com 

Tempur Pedic Classic Pillow

This pillow looks like a normal pillow but it is made from the same TEMPUR material as the Tempur Pedic mattress. There are two sizes available; Standard size (22" x 15 " x 4" 55cm x 38cm x 10cm) and Queen size (29" x 16" x 4" 73cm x 40cm x 10cm).

Tempur Pedic ComfortPillow

This is the most flexible of the Tempur Pedic pillows. The TEMPUR material has been especially designed to move in any direction, so it changes shape easily buy still gives your great support.

Tempur Pedic SidePillow

This pillow doesn't look like an ordinary pillow. It has a forward-tilting front edge, which is lower in the middle and higher on each side. It's been designed to allow your head and shoulders to completely relax no matter what your sleep position.

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Tempur Pedic SupremePillow

This pillow has been designed to give a sumptuous experience. The pillow is finished with a cool satin underside and a plush velour top.

Tempur Pedic Symphony Pillow

A new, softer formulated TEMPUR material has been used in this pillow. This is a pillow for those who really like a soft pillow. It also features dual sided design; one side comes with gently arched sides to provide additional head and neck support for back sleepers while the other side provides a more traditional pillow feel and works well for side sleepers.

Tempur Pedic BodyPillow

This kind of speaks for itself. This pillow measures 36 " x 14" or 90cm x 35cm and is for those who like a pillow they can hug.

TempurPedic GrandPillow

The most luxurious pillow in the Tempur Pedic collection. The outer cover is a plush, blended silk and can be removed for easy cleaning. It comes in Queen size.