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Talalay Latex Mattresses

You may have heard of the Talalay latex mattress before, but are you aware of what it actually is? For most consumers, the answer to this question is no.

They may have heard that mattresses made with Talalay latex are far more comfortable than other beds and last years longer, but they do not understand what the material actually is or what makes it so superior to other mattress materials, including the synthetic latex mattresses that are more commonly purchased.

Talalay latex mattresses actually do tend to perform better than other beds, and many advocates believe they even function better than synthetic latex materials which claim to closely mimic the properties of natural latex. A lot of this superior performance is in the natural resilience of the material.

Since it comes from the rubber tree, it is only fitting that it easily bounces back into place and instantly conforms to any new position you may take.

The resilience of a Talalay mattress is actually very important because latex mattresses are often compared to memory foam mattresses, which also conform to the body.

The problem with memory foam is that it takes a little time to actually conform to a new position when you roll over. This can create moments of discomfort as the foam struggles to keep up with your movements.

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A good Talalay foam mattress moves with you, instantly bouncing into your new position to keep your body cradled in comfort and constant support for all joints and muscles.

The biggest benefit of having a latex mattress is the ability to support the body while remaining extremely comfortable, and it is believed that beds such as the Jamison Talalay Latex mattress are more capable of delivering those qualities than any other mattress material currently on the market.

Latex mattresses are also known for being extremely hypo-allergenic and one of the cleanest sleeping environments you can purchase.

Talalay latex is believed to be even more resistant to dust mites and other problems than other forms of latex, especially synthetic varieties. This makes them the ultimate choice for anyone who suffers from severe allergies.

Purchasing a Talalay latex mattress could definitely be the best choice you ever make. Not only will your new mattress set last for twenty or more years, but you will never have to flip them to prevent the sleeping surface from wearing down.

The incredible resilience of this material is simply amazing, and it is more comfortable than other bed materials as well.