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Symbol Contour Classic Mattresses

When you are tired of sagging innerspring mattresses but aren’t necessarily ready to spend thousands of dollars on a solid latex core mattress, the Symbol Contour Classic mattress should be seriously considered. Combining a solid core of high quality foam with four inches of latex, this mattress fills the gap between extremely expensive bed with solid latex cores and cheap innerspring mattresses which may include some foam or latex but do not hold up very long. Symbol’s Contour Classic may not be the absolute best mattress on the market, but it does serve a valuable need within the market.

The Symbol Contour Classic collection was designed to fit your body with perfect comfort and support. It starts with a two inch layer of support foam topped by a full six inches of high quality Omalon foam. This foam core provides the support while the multiple layers of foam, latex, and quilting stacked on top provide all the comfort you could demand from a mattress in this price range. In fact, the comfort is quite unbelievable considering the lower price tag.

On top of the foam core is a two inch layer of convoluted foam, arranged in five different zones to deliver extra support where your body needs it. On top of that comes the latex, layered in one inch strips that cover the entire mattress. While other mattresses claim to include latex but actually have very little of it in inside the mattress, Symbol truly delivers the latex it advertises.

The Contour Classic foam mattress includes enough latex to truly deliver the benefits of this material. Latex is known for conforming to the body much like memory foam, but it is a little more supportive and springs back into place much easier. This extra resilience is due to the nature of the rubber-like latex foam, which allows it to spring back up when you move or get out of bed. While this is great for the level of comfort you experience on the sleeping surface, it is most important in terms of longevity. A mattress with adequate amounts of latex will last much longer than similar models that include mostly memory foam.

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What most consumers find the most attractive about the Symbol Contour mattress is the combination of so much latex and the supporting foam core. Eliminating innerspring systems altogether takes away the frustration of sagging, while the level of comfort is greatly increased.

The Symbol Contour Classic mattress is quite luxurious when you lay down to rest. The latex and foam work together to cradle and support your body so pressure points and aches from your stressful day are eliminated.