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Symbol Contour Classic - A Luxurious Combination of Latex and Memory Foam

When you are tired of sagging innerspring mattresses but aren’t necessarily ready to spend thousands of dollars on a solid latex core mattress, the Symbol Contour Classic mattress should be seriously considered...

Symbol Pedic - The Symbol Memory Foam Mattress

Symbol Pedic memory foam mattress will not cost you half as much as some of the memory foam sets offered from other top name brands,...

Symbol Easy Rest Mattress

An Easy Rest by Symbol will deliver reasonable quality on a comfortable mattress, given you select wisely between three options for firmness. The choices are firm, plush, and pillow top

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Symbol Comfortec Mattresses

Do you want a very comfortable memory foam bed that will not break down in less than a year, but aren’t ready to shell out a few thousand dollars for a luxury mattress set? If so, you are not alone. Many consumers find themselves in this exact position today, as many people simply have less money on hand to spend today. So, where do most of these value hunters turn? The Symbol Comfortec mattress is at the top of their list, and for very good reason.

With a Symbol Comfortec foam mattress you receive some of the best materials available on the mattress market today, but at a very affordable price. Symbol manages to keep their prices quite low just by producing many of their own parts, including coils and wooden frames. By making these parts themselves rather than buying them from someone else, they are able to ensure the quality of every aspect of their mattresses, while slashing prices for the consumer. While consumers appreciate the effort, it is done to make the manufacturer more competitive in the market.

The Symbol Comfortec pillow top mattress includes seven inches of high quality foam overall. One layer is latex, and the others are various forms of foam, including the very popular visco-memory foam. Omalon foam and sup soft quilting are used on the pillow top to create an extremely soft bed that delivers a very luxurious, soft sleeping surface.

For support, the Comfortec Collection Pillow Top mattress includes a two inch layer of support foam and well over 800 coils are encased in foam as well. These bottom layers work well with the layered foams to deliver enough support to balance out the conforming comfort of the top sleeping surface. The result is a mattress that both supports and comforts night after night.

The Comfortec includes more layers of foam than many mattresses that sell at much higher prices. While the lower prices are very attractive, they are dropping even lower through many reputable online retailers right now. While many people do not have much money to shop with, retailers are slashing prices to help them out. Take advantage of this for even more value on your next bed.

The best feature of the Symbol Comfortec mattress is the layered foam, especially since it includes latex as well as visco-memory foam. These are two of the best materials in the mattress market right now, and not every mattress includes both.

Symbol Comfort Innovations Mattress

At first glance, the Symbol Comfort Innovations mattress may seem like an excellent deal for the low price tag. It is a more basic innerspring mattress, but the manufacturer claims it has been reinvented as...

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