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Strobel Waterbed Mattress

One of the most popular waterbeds on the market right now is the Strobel waterbed mattress, and for very good reason. Strobel has been widely recognized for making beds that do not include toxic materials, including the chemicals commonly included to make innerspring mattresses fireproof.

This dedication to quality and the health of their customers carries over to every product they make, water mattresses included. Strobel mattresses are hands down among the safest and best made mattresses out there right now, but how do they rank when it comes to comfort?

Strobel waterbed mattresses are especially competitive when it comes to their line of softside beds. Softside mattresses have become increasingly popular over the years because they resemble a regular innerspring mattress while still delivering the sensation of sleeping on water. The foam encasement also allows your mattress to fit regular sized sheets, so you do not have to search for deep pocketed linen as with a hardside mattress.

Strobel takes all of these qualities into mind with the Strobel Quilted Cover Softsided waterbed. The quilted cover that stretches over the top of the mattress delivers a lot of extra comfort, or you can take it off completely to sleep directly on the water. They also offer a nine inch fill mattress, which is two inches deeper than most other brand’s “deep fill” beds. They also offer a double wall mattress that is guaranteed to stand up against punctures.

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The popular Strobel Flotasia line offers softside models with the brand’s patented K rail system. The foam that encases the water mattress is extremely important to how long the bed will remain stable, and this rail system ensures the mattress is more stable and better supported than cheaper foam products from some other brands.

Softside water mattresses are the preferred choice for most waterbed lovers, and Strobel has risen to the demand for more stability and higher quality mattresses that will not puncture and cause serious home damage.

If you are still uncertain whether Strobel is the best brand on the market, take some time to look at consumer mattress reviews for all of the top brands on the market today. This is the best way to get a good idea of what you can expect long term once the bed is set up in your home.

What keeps the Strobel waterbed mattress at the top of the market is their dedication to high quality products that deliver the comfort and durability that every customer deserves.