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Strobel Supple-Pedic Mattress - An Affordable Quality Memory Foam Mattress

The Strobel Supple-Pedic mattress uses memory foam which they call “Polyfilax.” This is high quality foam that disperses your body weight across the entire mattress, thus eliminating pressure points almost completely...

Strobel Latex Mattress

Not all latex mattresses are created equal. While many mattresses being offered right now advertise as latex beds, they actually do not contain a lot of the actual latex foam inside. In m any cases a very low density layer may be included with a core made of something lower quality

Strobel Memory Foam Mattresses

There are so many memory foam mattresses on the market right now that it is easy to become a confused shopper. Add in that they each have their own name for their foam material and the questions on which is better become even more complicated. The Strobel memory foam mattress is not much different, with their pet name for memory foam being “Polyfilax material.” Rest assured their Polyfilax is simply memory foam processed in their own unique way. So, how does Polyfilax stack up against other top brand names in the market right now?

One of the biggest competitors to the Strobel foam mattress is the Tempurpedic mattress line. Both beds are made with the intention of relieving stress points along the body so that you sleep without aches and pains night after night. Tempurpedic calls their special memory foam “Tempur material” and it is proven to be quite comfortable and extremely pressure-relieving, but how does Strobel’s Polyifax material stack up?

In both mattress lines the density of the foam depends on which model you select, with higher density models priced a little higher than lower density models. For example, the Strobel Supple-Pedic 6000 has a full six inches of Polyfilax while the Supple-Pedic 3000 only has a three inch layer. The 6000 model will be more comfortable and likely to hold up for a longer period of time due to this higher density.

As long as you compare models similar in foam density the Tempurpedic mattress and Strobel mattresses are both extremely comfortable while delivering ample support for the body. Both of their memory foam materials are made to evenly distribute body weight across the sleeping surface, so no one part takes the pressure of holding up the rest of your body. Both mattresses do this rather well, but there is one area in which Strobel’s memory foam mattress comes out a little ahead.

If something goes wrong with your mattress, you will not have to go to the expense of replacing the entire mattress. Rather, you can easily take out each layer of the mattress and replace only that section. Memory foam does have a tendency to wear down some with constant use, especially if you do not flip and turn it often enough. If this were to occur, you would simply have to replace the foam layer rather than buy an entire new mattress set.

Overall, mattress ratings give the Strobel memory foam mattress a nod of approval from consumers. They can be purchased at very reasonable prices without sacrificing quality or comfort.

Strobel Mattress Reviews

Strobel Supple-Pedic reviews tend to favor the 6000 model. This one has a six inch layer of memory foam, compared to 3 inches in another model. The high density foam gives it more cushioned comfort and increases the...

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