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Strobel Supple-Pedic Mattress - An Affordable Quality Memory Foam Mattress

The Strobel Supple-Pedic mattress uses memory foam which they call “Polyfilax.” This is high quality foam that disperses your body weight across the entire mattress, thus eliminating pressure points almost completely...

Strobel Memory Foam Mattress - How Does the Supple-Pedic Rate Against Tempurpedic?

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Strobel Mattress Reviews

It is no secret that the best way to determine the real value of a mattress is to read mattress reviews written by consumers who have already tested the bed out in their home for a long period of time. Strobel mattress reviews are a bit harder to find since the name brand is not as well known as others, such as BeautyRest or Serta. This does not mean that the mattresses are no good, and in fact most reviewers are very pleased with their Strobel bed. While reading mattress reviews can be extremely helpful, there are some things to consider before you take the word of a reviewer as gold.

First, when you come across consumer reviews of Strobel mattresses consider how long the reviewer owned the mattress before drawing their opinions. The most helpful reviews are from consumers who have been sleeping on the bed for at least six months, but the longer the better. If someone notes that they slept on their bed for over thirty years than you can draw the conclusion they really know the bed and that it was durable enough to last that long. On the other hand, if they have had their bed for two months and it is already falling apart you know what to expect if you make the same purchase.

Strobel Supple-Pedic reviews tend to favor the 6000 model. This one has a six inch layer of memory foam, compared to 3 inches in another model. The high density foam gives it more cushioned comfort and increases the body support experienced on the sleeping surface. Other positive ratings come from Strobel waterbed mattress reviews, where the hardside mattresses are valued for their resistance to punctures.

Strobel makes every type of bed you could possibly want. From air to foam and solid latex cores, they have at least a couple models out there in every category. Most of the mattresses also have models designed to fit on adjustable bed frames, which greatly increases the comfort and functionality of the bed.

The second thing to question when you read Strobel mattress reviews is to consider whether their comments are on the exact bed you will be purchasing. Many negative reviews come from consumers who simply find their bed uncomfortable. In most cases, this is not a fault of the bed but of consumers who do not select the level of firmness they really need on the surface. A firm mattress is not going to feel comfortable when you really need a plush pillow top.

Strobel Latex Mattress

Not all latex mattresses are created equal. While many mattresses being offered right now advertise as latex beds, they actually do not contain a lot of the actual latex foam inside. In m any cases a very low density layer may be included with a core made of something lower quality

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