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Stearns and Foster

Unless you find a really great sale, you will be hard pressed to purchase a Stearns and Foster bed for less than a thousand dollars. This is not because the company is greedy and wants all of your money, but because each mattress is crafted with the most luxurious fabrics and top notch materials that are in high demand right now. You simply cannot bring home a better bed from what is being offered right now, and that is the reason for the higher price tags.

Of course, there are lower priced innerspring mattresses made by Stearns Foster, though a thousand dollars is generally the price range for these. With each mattress in this price range you still get a touch of luxury with memory foams that are high quality and conform to your shape for exceptional body support and comfort.

If you are capable and willing to pay just a little more, there are several different Sterns Foster mattresses which are simply mind blowing. The most popular models are from the latex line which completely take out the metal coils and replace them with a solid latex core. This comforting core sits between your body and the support system below, allowing for more resilience and a much longer life span for the mattress overall. Latex is one of the best mattress materials being offered and Stearns & Foster definitely remains a top competitor in the market.

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Whether you go with latex cores or the more traditional innerspring mattresses lined with top quality memory foam, Stearns & Foster mattresses deliver extreme comfort and with luxurious top fabrics that make a great statement in the bedroom. They are intended for consumers willing to pay a little fore high quality bedding materials that do not tear apart as quickly as some other well known brands.

A Stearns & Foster mattress set can now be purchased at lower sale prices thanks to economic downturn, which makes right now the perfect time to jump out there and find your next bed. Prices may never be as low as they are right now and many consumers have already taken advantage of lower prices to bring home a mattress from this higher end brand.

Purchasing Stearns and Foster means you care enough about your home and your family to bring home only the best. You will have some of the best nights of sleep of your entire life on your Sterns Foster mattress.