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Stearns & Foster Plaza Mattress

Named after the famous Plaza hotel, the Stearns Foster Plaza mattress was designed to bring all the luxury and comfort that location is known for straight into your bedroom...

Stearns & Foster Plush Mattress

Stearns Foster plush mattresses have a 504 coil count and use heavy gauge steel so that your mattress lasts for years without the common problem of sagging in the middle...

Stearns and Foster Latex Mattress

The Garden Grove Latex Plush is a model that offers a 6 inch core of high quality foam, but it also includes an inch of latex. The foam core delivers the plush feel on the sleeping surface while the latex...

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Stearns and Foster Mattress Reviews

If you are in the market for a new bed, then spending a little time reading Stearns and Foster Reviews can be a valuable learning experience. The mattress market is extremely hard to maneuver and make sense of, since there are so many different options. The days of going to a local store and selecting between firm and soft are over. Today you have highly competitive name brands and each one offers many different lines. Even within these lines you will find great variations from one model to the next. Then there are other choices, such as innerspring versus foam versus latex, and every combination thereof.

Every time you make a decision, another one lies before you. This is where consumer reviews come in handy. There is no substitute for the experience and advice of others who have already slept on the bed you want to bring home for months or years, but make sure that the beds you are comparing match up in features.

Reviews of Stearns & Foster mattresses are exemplary of what is being offered in the market today and the common problems that arise with different bedding materials. For the most part, any mattress offered by this brand will be made with highly durable materials designed to withstand the test of time. Whether you choose an innerspring mattress or one with a foam or latex core, you can expect your bed to stand up for many years to come.

Of course, there are differences in the length of time you can expect different mattresses to hold up in general. Stearns and Foster mattress reviews are representative of this for the most part. Mattresses with a latex core tend to have an extremely long lifespan, since this material does not break down easily. Foam cores or mattresses with a lot of foam layers tend to wear down a little faster but offer extreme comfort that is essential for many people to get a good night of rest.

Yet, some of the best Stearns & Foster reviews are for their high quality innerspring mattresses. While innerspring designs tend to sag in the middle (or on the sides for a king sized bed), the heavy gauge steel coils used in the Stearns & Foster Plaza Collection remain highly rated and extremely competitive in today’s market.

Stearns and Foster Reviews can be extremely helpful, whether you go with a bed from this manufacturer or not. Since they offer so many different lines and models, you can get a good idea of what is being sold today and what you may expect to pay for the features you decide will best suit your needs.

Stearns and Foster Beds

Shopping for Stearns & Foster beds can be quite exciting. There are enough models to keep you looking around with interest for quite some time, but what stands out from...

Stearns & Foster Silver Dream Ultra Plush Mattress

A Stearns and Foster Silver Dream mattress is not just any ordinary innerspring mattress. Coming from one of the most well known and trusted manufacturers in the bedding industry, you can expect top quality and long lasting luxury...

Stearns and Foster - With Question One Of The Best You Can Buy

Unless you find a really great sale, you will be hard pressed to purchase a Stearns and Foster bed for less than a thousand dollars. This is not because the company is greedy and wants all of your money, but because each mattress is...

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