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Stearns and Foster Queen Mattress

While a larger sized bedroom may scream out for a king sized bed, there is good reason to consider a Stearns & Foster Queen mattress instead. While this brand may run at a higher price than some other brands, in most cases you can purchase a queen size for the same general price as a king size from other brands. This may seem like a bad deal since you would get less sleeping space for the same price, but there are two very good reasons that the switch is quite desirable for many consumers.

First of all, the quality of a Stearns Foster Queen sized bed is by far superior to most other brands. If you had the choice between a top notch bed that will remain comfortable for years to come or a larger but slightly lower quality bed that may very well last for a shorter period of time, which would you choose?

For many consumers the extra value falls with Stearns and Foster Queen mattresses because of the quality of the materials used in every single mattress. With many other brands the lower priced models are made from low quality materials while the higher quality material is saved for more expensive models. With Stearns and Foster, every single model is designed with the satisfaction of the consumer in mind.

Some of the fibers used in the top fabrics of a Stearns & Foster Queen Size mattress include silk and wool. Some of the materials used inside the mattresses are memory foam and latex. There simply is no such thing as a lower quality Stearns and Foster mattress.

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While that alone is reason to switch up to a queen in this brand over lower quality king beds, there is another reason to do this. It all comes down to the overall comfort of the mattress. Lasting longer is a good point, but what could possibly matter more than a completely relaxing night of rest?

Each Stearns & Foster Queen mattress delivers all the comfort and body support you will find in similarly priced king beds from other brands, plus much more.

Using high quality materials is absolutely essential with a king bed since you want them to wear evenly, and with Stearns and Foster all steps are taken to ensure that the comfort level of every queen bed is far superior to any other bed, and that includes most king sized mattresses.