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Stearns Foster Plaza Mattresses

Named after the famous Plaza hotel, the Stearns Foster Plaza mattress was designed to bring all the luxury and comfort that location is known for straight into your bedroom. The line includes sixteen different models, all with different features and levels of firmness. What they all have in common is the excellent quality and top notch materials that every bed mattress from Stearns & Foster includes.

No expense is spared when it comes to providing high quality materials that not only extend the life of each mattress, but provide a more comfortable feel to the top sleeping surface. Stearns and Foster Plaza mattresses are woven with cashmere, silk, and suri alpaca. Yet, comfort is not only a matter of fabric selection. The Stearns Foster Plaza Collection also benefits from designs which give each mattress its durability.

Each mattress includes a layer of memory foam and a layer of latex just above the coils. These are two of the most sought-after materials in bedding today, and having them both in one mattress allows Stearns & Foster Plaza to prove what true comfort and luxury is all about.

These materials allow the mattress to conform and support your body better than most other innerspring mattress. It also allows the mattress to hold up to constant use for a longer period of time.

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Each mattress in the Plaza line has a 504 coil count. While that is not the highest count on the market today, it is adequate for a durable mattress that will not sag and droop as many innerspring mattresses do with time. To work against sagging, the coils are made with 12 ¾ gauge steel, which is among the highest gauge currently being used. Since latex is extremely resilient, its presence on top of the coils adds extra protection over time.

Stearns & Foster mattresses come in firm, cushion firm, plush, and ultra plush. No matter what firmness you desire, there is an option for your home. Also, you can choose between different mattress types, including the popular pillow top. These options are important because they can make the difference between loving your new bed and suffering every night, regardless of the materials and coils used inside.

With innerspring sets starting around a thousand dollars, a Stearns Foster Plaza mattress may cost a little more than you are used to paying for a bed. Of course, they are likely to last years longer than many cheaper mattresses as well.