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Stearns and Foster Beds

Shopping for Stearns & Foster beds can be quite exciting. There are enough models to keep you looking around with interest for quite some time, but what stands out from them all collectively is the superior quality with which they are crafted.

These mattress sets are not just thrown together as quickly as possible in a large factory somewhere. Great care is put into designing each model so that it has something unique and valuable to offer the market. To get a better idea of what goes into each Stearns Foster bed, let’s look at the basic information of how they are made.

Stearns and Foster beds all come with full box springs that sit under the mattress. While this may seem standard to some, you will find after becoming familiar with today’s market that more and more brands are doing away with box springs. Stearns & Foster still believes in the value of a durable, high quality box spring that supports and extends the overall lifespan of the mattress.

Another feature that all beds by Stearns and Foster have in common is luxurious fibers and fabrics used on the top of each mattress. While some other brands do use 100% pure cotton on select models, this brand goes ten notches higher.

Your new bed from Stearns and Foster will include materials simply not found in other mattresses, such as wool, silk, and cashmere. Even the damask used is imported specially from Belgium.

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The materials used inside each mattress also set Stearns and Foster apart from other brands. High quality memory foam is used to conform to your body and provide the ultimate level of comfort.

Latex foam is also used to extend the lifespan of some mattresses and to add to the body support and overall comfort. They even have a rather unique hypo-allergenic material that feels very similar to goose down for extra cushioning.

Each select model from this brand offers the absolute best in terms of outer fabrics and inner materials. That is what makes the difference when you lay your head down on one of these mattresses, and that is what makes the higher price tag well worth every cent for those who can afford to make a reasonable investment in a great night of rest.

Stearns and Foster beds are essentially layered together from the box springs up. Each layer adds something essential to the overall product, whether it be comfort or durability.