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Spring Air Mattresses

Spring Air mattresses are available in several models and types. The Back Supporter is a new twist on a conventional innerspring mattress, and the Four Seasons is an innovative approach to spring design itself. Add to those the Nature's Rest line, which is a unique latex mattress, and you've got a mattress design for every requirement.

Spring Air Back Supporter

Spring Air Back Supporter mattresses are clinically proven to reduce back pain. As many as 78% of the people tested who suffered from back pain reported that their back pain lessened, and the overall quality of their sleep improved. And this was after just one week using a Spring Air Back Supporter.

For people who suffer from lower back pain, this mattress may not cure your aches, but it will at least help you sleep better at night, and that will make them seem better.

Spring Air Four Seasons Mattresses

Spring Air Four Seasons mattresses have a unique on-sided spring design. The idea is that you are only going to use one side of the mattress, so the performance focus should be on that side. And with three zones of these Power Coils, the pressure points of your body are supported without causing discomfort. And for a bit of sleep luxury, no other mattress is made with genuine cashmere batting.

Very few mattresses on the market, including those which cost far more, offer the same quality of pampered support as you'll find with a Four Seasons mattress.

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Spring Air Nature's Rest Mattresses

Spring Air Nature's Rest mattresses is the company's eco-friendly entry in the mattress market. It's ergonomically designed to give optimum spinal alignment, a common cause of sleeplessness and lower back complaints. Spring Air latex mattresses are made with 100% natural latex foam, which provides conforming support uniformly without causing pressure points as you'd get with many other mattresses. The Nature's Rest line is also hypo-allergenic, and that makes it a good choice for people who suffer from chronic allergies.

Whether you suffer from back pain, allergies, or just want to treat yourself like royalty, there is a Spring Air mattress that is perfect for your requirements. You may be surprised at how advanced the science of sleep has become, when you discover how well today's beds help you sleep through the night. Even a modern conventional style mattress is more comfortable than beds made only a few years ago. And a latex foam mattress is the current pinnacle of quality sleep surfaces.