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Spring Air Back Supporter Mattress

Are you spending your nights on the floor or couch, tossing and turning for any position that may bring more back pain relief than your horrible bed? If so, then it is time to consider purchasing a Spring Air Back Supporter mattress...

Spring Air Pillow Top Mattress

If thinking of a pillow top mattress as being entirely too soft to provide any substantial body support then you have obviously not experienced a Spring Air pillow top mattress. Any mattress made by Spring Air can be ordered with a pillow top, but super soft comfort is not all that their mattresses deliver...

Spring Air Four Seasons Offers 9 inch Zoned and Tempered Steel Coils

Have you heard that the first ever one sided innerspring mattress has been unleashed on the market? The luxury of not having to flip a mattress to prevent uneven wear i...

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Spring Air Latex Mattress

If you have heard that latex mattresses last years longer than memory foam models and are in the market to purchase a high quality bed that will deliver that kind of durable comfort and support, it is important to do your homework before making a final purchase.

The truth is latex is a great resource for bedding material, but not all latex mattresses are created equal. How much latex is actually in the mattress is a critical factor in exactly how long your mattress will hold up. A high quality latex bed such as the Spring Air latex mattress will use high quality forms of latex included in every inch of the mattress.

Other mattresses often use very small amounts of synthetic latex in specific “zones” of the mattress. All the word “zone” means is that specific areas of the mattress may have latex, but a solid core is not provided across the entire mattress. The rest of the mattress will likely be various forms of foam, which will not hold up as long as solid latex cores. If you are in the latex market because you want your bed to last, then you need to ensure that you are purchasing all natural latex and that enough of it is used to increase the overall durability of your new bed.

The best mattress on the market right now that fits these requirements is the Spring Air Nature's Rest mattress. Only natural latex is used and it is manufactured to deliver better air circulation and spread your body weight across the entire mattress. Better air circulation overcomes a big problem that some consumers have complained about with foam mattresses, latex included. When the foam compresses down it can trap in your body heat and make the bed rather hot to sleep in. Since the latex used in each Nature's Rest latex mattress is manufactured with open cells, less heat will be absorbed and the mattress will not be as hot.

Of course, if your latex mattress is still slightly warm during the summer months using lighter blankets and linen will usually fix the problem. The ability of the Nature's Rest by Spring Air mattress to spread body weight out over the mattress relieves pressure points and allows all areas of your body to rest peacefully without straining to support other parts.

Not only is the Spring Air latex mattress extremely comfortable and highly durable, but it is safer for the environment. Latex is a sustainable resource that will not put additional stress on our sensitive environment.

Spring Air Firm Mattress - Ashling, Dubarry, Henrietta and Chandon

Whatever your price range may be, there is a Spring Air firm mattress to suit your needs and your pocketbook. There has never been as great a selection of firm mattress models...

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