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Spring Air Four Seasons Mattress

Have you heard that the first ever one sided innerspring mattress has been unleashed on the market? The luxury of not having to flip a mattress to prevent uneven wear is one of the biggest perks of latex core mattresses, but now you don’t have to put out the extra expense that latex requires to bring home a mattress that doesn’t need flipped. Another option has now hit the open market: Spring Air Four Seasons mattress.

What makes the Four Season mattress by Spring Air noteworthy goes well beyond the one-sided design. If you have purchased any mattresses in the past you probably have come to understand that what determines the worth of a mattress is not how pretty and soft the outside fabric is, but the quality of the materials used inside.

The Spring Air Four Seasons is one of the brands Back Supporter models, which are designed not just for exceptional comfort but for proper back alignment as well. Studies have shown that these Back Supporter mattresses can actually relieve back pressure and pain in the majority of sufferers. Even if you do not suffer from back pain, you will find that the proper alignment of your back during sleep makes a big difference in how comfortable you remain all night and how your body feels when you wake up.

So, what is inside this Spring Air spring mattress that creates such superior back support? The secret is in the specially designed coil system which is also responsible for the one-sided design.

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These 9 inch coils are arranged in three different zones across the mattress, with each section arranged to provide the appropriate amount of support to that specific area of your body. That means that you not only receive continuous support from one end of the mattress to the other, but special attention has been placed to providing more support where necessary.

This arrangement allows your body weight to be spread across the mattress so that each area of your body absorbs an equal amount of the weight. The comfort delivered is obvious in consumer mattress ratings, where people who have already purchased this mattress and put it to the test in their homes are agreeing that proper support and extreme comfort are in fact delivered with this bed.

Whether you suffer with back pain or not, the tempered steel coils used in the Spring Air Four Seasons mattress will show every area of your body the support and attention it deserves.