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Spring Air Back Supporter Mattresses

Are you living with back pain that is only exasperated by your current mattress? Are you spending your nights on the floor or couch, tossing and turning for any position that may bring more back pain relief than your horrible bed? If so, then it is time to consider purchasing a Spring Air Back Supporter mattress.

In a valid sleep study, 9 out of every 10 backache sufferer who tried out the Spring Air Back Supporter reported relief from their pain. That makes the odds that this mattress may actually bring you at least some relief as well much higher than with most other mattresses being sold today. It definitely has to be an improvement over what you are currently sleeping (err, tossing and turning) on right now, correct?

The Spring Air backache bed uses a specially designed coil system and layers of high quality foams to create a supportive sleep surface that is proven to ease back pain in most sufferers. Just like any other mattress line, there are different models with slightly different features. This is because not all back pain is the same and not all bodies will respond to exactly the same level of firmness.

The Back Supporter mattress line comes in firm, plush, pillow top, or euro top. Whether your back demands an extremely soft surface or more firm support, you can select a Spring Air mattress to meet your needs.

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The Spring Air Back Support plush mattress is probably the most popular model. It provides a soft sleep surface that still delivers support for the back.

Many consumers find the firm mattresses to be too firm for their backs, so going with the plush surface gives them a higher level of comfort while still remaining firm enough to ease their back pain.

It is a good idea to find a local store that has some of these different firmness levels on display so you can try it out firsthand, even if you plan to take advantage of the much lower prices that can be found online.

Two of the most popular models in the Back Supporter line are the Spring Air Back Supporter Conrad and Spring Air Back Support Radiance. Different densities of foam and other various materials are in each Spring Air Back Supporter mattress model, so again it is important to do some research and discover which model will suit your back pain needs the best.