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Softside Waterbed Mattresses

It used to be that the only option for purchasing a waterbed was to buy a wooden frame to put the mattress in, but things have changed. Today there is the softside waterbed mattress, which is encased in a sturdy foam rail system instead of the wooden frame. Softside waterbeds have become extremely popular, and have even brought more consumers into the market who otherwise would not even consider purchasing a waterbed. Many consumers have gone so far to say this is the best mattress available today, but what exactly makes them better than a hardside waterbed?

For starters, the soft sided waterbed mattress overcomes the most frustrating aspect of owning a waterbed: finding sheets that fit.

Hardside waterbeds usually do not fit regular sized sheets and it can be frustrating to find linen that works at a decent price. The soft side mattresses fit regular sized sheets because the foam rail system brings them to the same size and shape as a regular innerspring mattress.

That leads directly into the second reason softside mattresses are preferred: appearance. They look just like regular innerspring mattresses, while still giving you the feel of sleeping on water.

You don’t have to worry about the color and grain of a wooden frame looking good with your choice of bedroom décor, and the nine legged metal frame a softside sits in is less imposing on a smaller sized room. The only people who will know you have a water mattress will be those you invite to actually relax in the bed.

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If you are worried the foam encasement will take away from the sensation of sleeping directly on the water, you can rest assured that is not the case.

A good softside mattress will give you the option of having a removable fabric cover which comes in different levels of thickness for more comfort, but you also have the option of removing it and sleeping directly on the top of the water mattress.

These covers simply allow consumers who want extra softness or perhaps more body support to get what they need while still owning a waterbed.

To get a good idea of all the options in the waterbed market right now, look into the Strobel softsided mattress lines. They offer high quality mattresses, including one that is guaranteed not to puncture under any circumstance. A softside waterbed mattress is in fact the best waterbed you can buy, and Strobel’s models include every possible feature you could want.