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Simmons Pocket Coil Mattresses

When you want only the best but do not necessarily want to pay an outrageous price, the Simmons pocket coil mattress fits the bill. They offer several different mattresses that are designed with each coil wrapped in its own little pocket, which gives you extreme comfort backed up by adequate bodily support. You may have already decided that the best mattress for your sleep needs is a pocket coil mattress, but do you know which Simmons BeautyRest mattress is the best deal?

What keeps the Simmons BeautyRest pocket coil mattress competitive with the rest of the mattress industry is the design of the coils. Instead of interconnected coils that are completely surrounded in cushioning materials, each coil has its own little pouch. This allows the mattress to hug against the body to provide more cushioning and more support. It also cuts down on the amount of motion transfer that can be felt across the bed when one person moves or gets up.

The BeautyRest Classic is an affordable model that has an 800 pocketed coil density. Two rows of extra springs go around the outside of the mattress to provide a more firm edge that can be used for sleeping or sitting. While this is the more basic pocketed coil model, they can be made with a layer of memory foam for additional comfort and support.

For consumers willing to go up a little in price, the BeautyRest World Class has a pocketed coil density of 980 and the edge support is a three inch layer of foam instead of springs. Each mattress also comes with durable foam, but you can still opt to add in layers of memory foam, latex foam, or a combination of both. The ability to add latex foam allows you to greatly increase the support your mattress provides.

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Keeping the options of adding in the additional memory foam or latex layers but increasing the coil density greatly is the BeautyRest Exceptionale.

This is a luxury bed for those who want the best. The pocket coil density is over 1200 and they are stacked on top of one another instead of the usual single layer.

The top layers of coils are plush and comforting, while the bottom layers are more rigid to provide support. This design allows for a more comfortable mattress that is backed up by extra support underneath.

Which Simmons pocket coil mattress is best for you may come down to price, as the higher density mattresses will of course run a little higher. Even the Classic model is well worth the money when you consider the comfort provided by pocket coil technology.