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Simmons Pillow Top Mattress

When you are tired of waking up stiff and achy from harsh pressure points on a hard mattress, it is time to discover the joy of a Simmons pillow top mattress. Pillow tops are simply extra material sewn into the top of the mattress, like a big pillow.

They allow you to sink down into the bed so every part of your body is supported and comforted perfectly. The end result? A pain-free morning and no more pressure point stiffness!

Most of the beds produced by this brand can be made with a Simmons pillow top. While it is true that some of their pillow tops can be extremely soft, almost to the point of no support at all, they do come in different materials and thickness so you can choose how firm you want your mattress to be. They use memory foam of different thickness to achieve firmer pillow pads as well.

Simmons pillow top mattresses may not be the most expensive bedding on the market today, but they are impressive from the inside out.

On first appearances they are nicely designed with pleasant stitching, but most consumers are blown away by the softness that conforms to the body when they first lie down. Instead of certain body parts supporting your body weight, your entire body sinks down into the mattress for overall comfort.

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The most popular model is the Simmons Beautyrest pillow top, which almost everyone has heard of through word of mouth. Whether you get the pillow top or not, BeautyRest is simply the best mattress you can purchase today.

They are made with pocketed coils, which offer even more comfort and some are made with two layers of coils which add firm support and comfort like never before.

If there is a complaint about pillow tops in general, it’s that they can get too warm for some people.

This is a result of the foam in the topper compressing under body weight and holding in heat, but it can be solved by not using a mattress liner over the pillow top. This allows more breath ability and solves the problem for many consumers.

Consumers best suited to a Simmons pillow top mattress tend to be those who want more soft cushioning to relieve stiffness that results from firm mattresses that offer little to no support.

BeautyRest is the most popular line on the market right now and is backed by a well brand name well known for high quality bedding.