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Simmons Beautyrest

The name has been in households and passed around word-of-mouth for generations, and in fact many people remember sleeping on BeautyRest beds when they were children...

Simmons Natural Care Mattress

Simmons has pulled out all the stops to please the environmentally conscious consumers now flooding the market. The Simmons Natural Care mattress is a work of art when it comes to sustainable materials and thoroughly-thought out design...

Simmons Beautyrest Exceptionale Mattresses

If you ask what the Beautyrest Exceptionale mattress has to offer you’ll get a very long answer. The wiser question may be what this BeautyRest model

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Simmons World Class Mattresses

How does the Simmons World Class mattress stack up with other models sold by Simmons? There has been a lot of attention on the Beautyrest line, but where does the World Class series fit in with other collections offered under this brand name?

Simmons Memory Foam Mattresses

With the flood of mattresses featuring layers of memory foam on the market these days, how does the Simmons memory foam mattress stack up? The Comforpedic foam mattress line has received a lot of attention in consumer mattress ratings, which is a big hint that this line is among the most purchased models right now. There is very good reason for that.

When you purchase a Simmons foam mattress you are making a smart move because they use a special type of memory foam. Many consumers purchase a mattress without realizing that all memory foam is not created alike. Just like any other material that goes into high quality bedding, there are different manufacturing processes and different densities that should be looked into before making a purchase.

The foam used in Simmons memory foam mattresses is called NxG. It is manufactured in a vacuum sealed chamber, which gives it superior qualities to many other foam mattresses. Some foam mattresses are extremely hot to sleep in because as the foam compresses under your body weight it traps in heat. It is common to read reviews of beds that leave the sleepers drenched in sweat and moving to the floor for the rest of the night. NxG foam is a more advanced design that allows the foam to breathe more, which keeps your body temperature more stable throughout the night.

Resilience is another perk of NxG foam. Most foam mattresses will conform to your body when you stretch out across the sleep surface, but not all of them will move with your body if you change positions. How long it takes the foam inside the mattress to conform to your changed position determines whether you will have moments of discomfort as the mattress tries to catch up with your movement. Simmons uses very resilient foam that will cradle the body even through position changes.

The Simmons Comforpedic foam mattress line includes seven different models, all with enough of this resilient memory foam to give your body total support and comfort. Many of them also incorporate latex, which is a similar yet springier material that adds more support. While many mattresses use either memory foam or latex, the combination of both is a luxury that not all brands are offering.

Compared to other brands offering foam mattresses, the Simmons memory foam mattress has a lot to offer consumers. With many different models, all varying in their strengths and features, everyone should be able to find one that meets their sleep needs perfectly.

Simmons Bed - Is it The Best Mattress Solution?

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Simmons Mattress Reviews

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Simmons Comforpedic Mattresses

Every morning seems a little brighter with a Simmons Comforpedic mattress in the bedroom. There are so many memory foam mattresses on the market right now, but there are some that stand out from the crowd by...

Simmons Beautyrest Black Mattress - A Very Affordable Piece Of Luxury

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Simmons Beautyrest Pillow Top - A Fine Mattress That Offers Gentle Support

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Simmons King Mattress - The Beautyrest Collection

When you talk about a king sized Simmons mattress many people automatically think about the Simmons Beautyrest king mattress. Beautyrest is by far the most popular line from this manufacturer, and in fact many...

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