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Simmons Beautyrest Pillow Top Mattress

There is a reputation out there for pillow top mattresses. They are known for that sensation of sinking into clouds, but to many people that comes with the assumption that there is a lack of body support. While being completely suspended in air with no pressure points is enticing for some people, others need a little more support to sleep comfortably. That is where the Simmons Beautyrest Pillow Top mattress comes into focus. Not only is it designed for plush comfort, but it delivers adequate body support for most sleepers as well.

You can purchase a Simmons Pillow Top mattress through many different lines offered by the brand, but by far the most popular is the Pillow Top Beautyrest mattress.

BeautyRest has almost become a brand name all in itself as many people do not even realize it is just another line from Simmons. The line has been around for many years and has earned the trust of many consumers. There is a very good reason for that.

What really determines the value of a pillow top mattress is what lies beneath the surface. Some pillow tops run the risk of forming body impressions that are uncomfortable to sleep in, but if the materials within the pillow are high quality the chances of this happening are reduced.

BeautyRest is one of the few pillow top manufacturers that has not had a series of complaints with this issue. Their mattresses are designed to stand up to constant use for many years, even for heavier sleepers.

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When you purchase a Simmons Pillow Top plush mattress you will receive all the comfort your body deserves along with the support it demands.

The pocketed coils that the brand has begun to use in most models drastically cut back on the amount of motion that can be felt across the sleeping surface when one person moves.

Many models also come with two different stacks of coils, so that a firmer layer can securely support the softer, more conforming layer on top.

Extra edge support is just another feature that comes with a Simmons BeautyRest pillow top mattress, and most models come with a ten year guarantee.

That is a lot more value than you will receive with most other brands, and it is all backed up by a substantial guarantee. There could not be more comfort for your body or your mind when it comes to Simmons BeautyRest.