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Shifman Masters Collection Mattress

When you are ready to turn your bedroom into a luxurious getaway that can be enjoyed every night after night for years to come, there is nowhere to turn but to the Shifman Masters Collection...

Shifman Mattress Reviews

The difference between beds such as the Shifman Van Gogh mattress and other sets within the same price range is not just that they include 100% cotton or high quality latex foam...

Shifman Beds

All beds by Shifman are made with heavy low gauge coils that are strong enough to handle nightly use without sagging or pulling apart, and are made with 100% cotton. Each mattress is also...

Shifman Van Gogh Mattresses

Even with a market flooded with high quality premium mattress options, the Shifman Van Gogh mattress remains one of the most popular picks for consumers who want extreme comfort and are willing to pay for it. While this is by far not the most expensive option being sold today, it does run thousands of dollars higher than many consumers really want to pay for a bed. Yet, many of them end up buying it anyway after several other mattresses fall apart on them in a short time frame. For most, the Shifman Van Gogh pillow top is the last mattress they have to buy for many years to come.

So, what sets the Van Gogh by Shifman so far above most other luxury mattresses on the market? This is a legitimate question that every consumer should have a clear answer to before shelling out for a high priced mattress. For Shifman, the real luxury lies not just in the quality of the materials used in every part of each mattress but in the process through which they are made.

Premium Shifman mattresses are hand tufted and the box springs are hand tied to ensure that everything is held together and the mattress does not lose shape. They only use pure cotton, which is healthier for your lungs and anyone who lives with allergies. The Shifman Van Gogh White mattress is also made with heavy coils that will not wear down and sag as quickly as other mattresses. It also includes latex, which is a hypo-allergenic material that supports and cradles the body for extreme comfort.

The Van Gogh is also a double pillow top, which means it has the attached pillow surface on both sides of the mattress. Most other pillow tops are one sided and are not meant to ever be flipped, and consequently there is a known problem of them forming body impressions with time. The Van Gogh will have to be flipped from time to time, but it will wear evenly so you do not have to worry about impressions, sagging, or other common mattress hassles.

Many consumers have rated the Van Gogh the best mattress they have ever slept on, both for its comfort and durability. Every material used is the best possible quality, and with a lot of the sewing and processing being done by hand you can guarantee the Shifman Van Gogh mattress will hold up years longer than cheaper mattresses on the market.

Should You Buy a Shifman Mattress?

If you are want to buy a Shifman mattress you should first consider what your individual sleep needs are. While each bed mattress from this manufacturer is designed to be durable for many years to come, it does...

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