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Shifman Mattress Reviews

Anyone looking to purchase a premium quality mattress set should spend some time reading Shifman mattress reviews. Consumers who have already purchased and slept on a Shifman bed for months and years are reporting that they experience the best night of rest in their lives on these mattresses. The reason for this is not just a matter of the materials included inside each mattress, but the way each mattress is manufactured.

The difference between beds such as the Shifman Van Gogh mattress and other sets within the same price range is not just that they include 100% cotton or high quality latex foam. There are other competitive mattresses that have the same or very similar materials inside. What makes the Van Gogh and other Shifman mattresses stand out in consumer reviews of Shifman mattresses is the durability that comes from being crafted by hand.

Shifman mattresses are hand tufted and the box springs are hand tied so that the mattress will not lose shape or fall apart like many other mattresses on the market tend to do. Though there is a problem with innerspring mattresses tending to sag in a relatively short period of time, a Shifman mattress holds up years longer than many other brands because of the high quality coils used and the attention given to putting each mattress together so it is strong and durable. No corners are cut when it comes to manufacturing mattresses that consumers can actually use for many years to come, and that is why the price tags have to come out a little higher than other mattresses.

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The old term “you get what you pay for” really applies when it comes to reviews of the Shifman Masters Collection. Consumers who own a Shifman are not shy to report that they paid a few thousand dollars or more for their mattress set, but they also do not spare details on how long their mattresses remain comfortable. If you want a high quality bed that will be extremely comforting for years to come, then it is hard to find another brand on the market that delivers like Shifman.

What a good consumer review of Shifman mattresses will tell you is the exceptional quality that goes into every mattress. Consumers want value, but when you really think about it a higher priced bed that doesn’t need to be replaced as often as a cheaper one could be the better value in the long run. Before spending the money on the Van Gogh or any other mattress set, spend a little time reading Shifman mattress reviews from consumers like yourself who have gone through the shopping process ahead of you.