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Shifman Van Gogh Mattress

Even with a market flooded with high quality premium mattress options, the Shifman Van Gogh mattress remains one of the most popular picks for consumers who want extreme comfort and are willing to pay for it...

Shifman Mattress Reviews

The difference between beds such as the Shifman Van Gogh mattress and other sets within the same price range is not just that they include 100% cotton or high quality latex foam...

Shifman Beds

All beds by Shifman are made with heavy low gauge coils that are strong enough to handle nightly use without sagging or pulling apart, and are made with 100% cotton. Each mattress is also...

Shifman Masters Mattress Collection

When you are ready to turn your bedroom into a luxurious getaway that can be enjoyed every night after night for years to come, there is nowhere to turn but to the Shifman Masters Collection. Other premium quality mattresses may get some high ranks and consumer reviews, but mattresses from the Masters Collection by Shifman are always given the highest marks and biggest compliments that a mattress could ever dream of receiving. So, just what is it that makes this mattress line so much better than other high end mattresses?

There are two reasons that a master Collection mattress will always outshine other mattresses, even those much higher priced: hand craftsmanship and superior quality of materials.

Each Shifman mattress is hand tufted and hand tied, and even smaller details are taken care of by hand such as sewing on fabric handles so the mattress is easier to flip. Mattress ratings mostly talk about how comfortable this bed is and how many years it holds up without sagging or losing shape, and those comments are largely a result of the way the mattresses are manufactured. Instead of quickly being spun through a line of machinery and tossed onto store shelves, many of the vital processes that determine the durability of a mattress are done by hand.

Sewing and crafting by hand does take longer and employees must be paid somehow, and that explains why mattresses from this collection are a bit steeper in price than many people want to pay for a mattress. Yet, once they see the quality of the mattress and realize it is going to last for years longer than other innerspring mattresses, many people decide it is well worth the small investment.

Shifman is known for using only 100% authentic cotton, but the Masters collection adds in high quality latex foam. Latex is one of the most popular materials being offered right now and it only increases the durability and longevity of the mattress. It is also a hypo-allergenic material, which makes this the ideal mattress for anyone who suffers form allergies or who simply wants to get away from the synthetic cotton and fibers used in other mattresses.

Many consumers turn to the Shifman Masters Collection only after a few other mattresses wear out on them in a short time frame. Others are lucky and smart enough to just go with the best right from the start and not deal with the hassle of replacing bed after bed!

Should You Buy a Shifman Mattress?

If you are want to buy a Shifman mattress you should first consider what your individual sleep needs are. While each bed mattress from this manufacturer is designed to be durable for many years to come, it does...

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