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Shifman Van Gogh Mattress

Even with a market flooded with high quality premium mattress options, the Shifman Van Gogh mattress remains one of the most popular picks for consumers who want extreme comfort and are willing to pay for it...

Shifman Mattress Reviews

The difference between beds such as the Shifman Van Gogh mattress and other sets within the same price range is not just that they include 100% cotton or high quality latex foam...

Shifman Masters Collection Mattress

When you are ready to turn your bedroom into a luxurious getaway that can be enjoyed every night after night for years to come, there is nowhere to turn but to the Shifman Masters Collection...

Shifman Beds

There are so many mattress manufacturers cutting corners and trying to reduce the cost of their mattresses right now. Many of the mattresses consumers purchase today will be returned to the store with great dissatisfaction with weeks or months. The sad fact is few mattresses are made to last for years on end anymore, and those that are tend to cost more than many consumers are willing to pay. This is where Shifman beds come into play. They deliver top quality hand-craftsmanship and the absolute best materials they can find, and yet they still remain affordable to many people.

A Shifman bed mattress will cost you more than many other top name brands on the market today, but they will also last much longer than most other mattresses. When you consider all that goes into manufacturing each individual mattress you see that the price tag is actually very reasonable. Add in how long it will remain a comfortable, durable part of the home and many consumers decide it is actually quite affordable.

All beds by Shifman are made with heavy low gauge coils that are strong enough to handle nightly use without sagging or pulling apart, and are made with 100% cotton. Each mattress is also tufted by hand and the box springs are tied by hand to ensure nothing is going to fall apart or lose shape in your home. Even smaller details are catered to, such as hand sewn fabric handles to make it easy to flip the mattresses over.

While every mattress from this brand is superior in quality than most others on the market, the absolute best models are found in the Shifman Masters Collection. These mattresses include layers of highly resilient latex, which works well with the pure cotton because it is a hypo-allergenic material. The presence of both of these materials make beds such as the very popular Shifman Van Gogh White mattress excellent choices for anyone suffering with allergies.

The Van Gogh is a dual pillow top mattress that when flipped properly will wear down more evenly and last much longer than other pillow top mattresses on the market. It scores high in consumer reviews and is one of the more popular choices from the Masters line.

In the end, Shifman beds are a great deal than lower priced mattresses because you receive so much more for every dollar spent. You receive high quality materials put together in a careful, sturdy fashion so everything stays intact and comfortable for many years to come.

Should You Buy a Shifman Mattress?

If you are want to buy a Shifman mattress you should first consider what your individual sleep needs are. While each bed mattress from this manufacturer is designed to be durable for many years to come, it does...

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