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Serta Pillow Top Mattress

Who says a great mattress has to come with an even greater price tag? If you are tired of shopping around only to find the most comfortable mattresses give you serious sticker shock, take a peek at the value of a Serta Pillow Top mattress. Good things can come with a reasonable price tag, and Serta is out to prove it.

There are several different models of Serta pillow top mattresses, but the best value for those looking to save as much as possible is with the Serta Perfect Sleeper Pillow Top Mattress. While the mattress itself is not all that impressive, it is extremely comfortable with reasonable body support when purchased with the pillow top option.

The Perfect Sleeper collection consists of innerspring mattresses which feature excellent fire resistant treatment, quilted mattress tops, and a double beam foundation that provides more stability and strength in the bed as a whole. Some models may come with small pillows sewn across the entire mattress for additional softness.

With the lower prices on this bed, you may be able to splurge for a Serta King pillow top and give yourself extra room to stretch out. If you have a room large enough to accommodate this large sized bed, it is well worth the small extra expense considering the extra comfort it will deliver.

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For those who are willing and able to spend just a little more on their bed, there are other Serta pillowtop mattresses being offered.

The Vera Wang collection for example is extremely luxurious and offers some of the most plush pillow top mattresses most people have ever experienced. They also feature more sensuous fibers and materials to give the bed a more appealing look and feel.

Of course, this isn’t to say that the pillow tops offered from Serta are the absolute best quality you will find on the market. There are more luxurious beds that include plush layers of memory foam and resilient latex cores, but they are priced much higher than a lot of people can realistically afford.

For those consumers who still want quality and plush comfort without the sticker shock, there is a Serta Pillow Top mattress to fill the void. Quality and comfort can come at a reasonable price, as long as you carefully consider all your options and make sure that a better pillow top mattress is not marked down within your current price range.