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Serta Mattress Reviews

Serta mattress reviews are a mixed bag of opinions. While there are some models being offered from this brand that are receiving quite a few positive reviews, there are just as many bed reviews circling around for Serta beds. Could it be that the Serta brand is no longer offering top quality mattresses, or can some of the fault be placed on consumers shopping by price rather than for specific features they need for their own sleep needs?

There is a little truth in both of these ideas when it comes to the jumbled opinions expressed in Serta reviews. Some issues have legitimate complaints against Serta mattresses that did not stand up to regular use for as many months or years as they would have liked, but many others are complaining mainly about the level of comfort provided by the mattress.

When it comes to many Perfect Day mattress reviews, the complaints seem to steer toward quality issues. Perfect Day is a mattress line for innerspring mattresses with memory foam layers. Consumers are finding that the foam tends to wear down rather quickly and become uncomfortable, and this is not surprising since foam mattresses in general have long been plagued by this complaint.

It’s a different story when it comes to many Serta Vera Wang mattress reviews. There are a large number of positive reviews from consumers who just fall in love with every aspect of these mattresses, and the unhappy customers seem to be those who perhaps chose the wrong firmness level for their individual needs.

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If you need a very soft sleeping surface to be comfortable, chances are a model that features a firm sleeping surface is not going to make you very happy. On the other hand, if you require a firm surface due to a back problem, you are likely to wake up in pain if you purchase a plush pillow top mattress.

Many consumers do not think about these things enough or they go on price alone and just find what seems like a reasonably comfortable mattress within their price range. Within a short period of time they find it uncomfortable and write negative consumer reviews of Serta mattresses. What goes unsaid is that there is nothing wrong with the Vera Wang mattress itself. It’s the selection of sleeping surfaces that went wrong.

Reading Serta mattress reviews is quite eye opening because it shows what happens when consumers do not realize the many options they have when selecting a mattress. Remember, the bed you lie down on in a show room will have other options.