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Serta iComfort Mattress

Memory foam mattresses have been around for a while now and there’s no doubting how supportive this type of mattress can be. However, many have found that memory foam sleeps too hot or that they sink too deeply and find it harder to adjust position while sleeping. Well, Serta thinks it’s found the answer with its iComfort Sleep System mattress.

The Serta iComfort mattress is a re-invention of the memory foam mattress. Serta has taken this type of mattress to the next level with its Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam. It’s the World’s first memory foam mattress infused with the support and cooling touch of Serta’s MicroSupport™ gel. Each iComfort memory foam mattress is composed of 30% gel.

At present there are 4 versions of iComfort by Serta. The Genius and Insight versions use medium-to-low density foam, while the more expensive Prodigy and Revolution mattresses use a combination of high and medium-to-low density foam.

Because the open cell structure foam has been infused with  MicroSupport™ gel heat is whisked away 12 times more speedily than traditional memory foam. Not only do you sleep cooler but the inclusion of gel means you get better support while you sleep. Millions of tiny gel beads gather around the areas of your body that require most support.

How does the Serta iComfort compare against Tempurpedic?

Tempurpedic was the first company to bring memory foam mattresses to the public and since that time just about every single manufacturer now produces its own version. There’s no doubting the popularity of this type of mattress and the benefits it offers over traditional spring mattresses.

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Tempurpedic, remains in the eyes of many, the benchmark. However, the major criticism has always been the heat produced when sleeping on memory foam mattresses. Many manufacturers have tried different solutions with varying degrees of success.

With the Serta iComfort Sleep System mattress it may be that we finally do have a mattress that genuinely reduces heat during sleep while offering pressure-relieving comfort and outstanding motion isolation.

Price-wise, the iComfort is a little cheaper than Tempurpedic so it could be the answer to those searching for a cheaper and cooler version of Tempurpedic. Right now, the price of a queen size mattress is between $1100 and $2400 depending on the iComfort model (Revolution, Insight, Prodigy, Genius).

Serta has made strenuous efforts to design the iComfort so that there is no ‘breaking in’ period. A lot customers complain that the memory foam mattress they’ve just had delivered to their home doesn’t feel the same as the one they lay down on in the store. The standard answer is usually that the customer should allow for a ‘breaking in’ period, after which time, everything will be fine. But, really what kind of assurance is this? With the Serta iComfort there should be no break in period and the mattress should feel exactly the same as the one you tried out in the store.

Serta also offers a twenty-five year warranty on its iComfort mattresses and, at time of writing, is offering a 120 day in-home, risk-free trial.

All in all, we feel the Serta iComfort represent great value for money and is definitely one of the better memory foam mattresses on the market today.