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Serta True Response Mattress

Memory foam has become extremely popular in the bedding market, but there is one brand that should be looked into before anyone makes the final decision on which brand and model is best for their home.

A Serta foam mattress is not only priced competitively, but it uses high quality foam materials that deliver the most comfortable night of sleep anyone could ask for. Many models also tackle one of the biggest problems some consumers find with foam mattresses: the heat factor.

What is the heat factor? This simply refers to the fact that mattresses made with foam often get too hot for some consumers to comfortably sleep in. This problem is due to the ability of the foam to hold in heat as it surrounds the body for that high level of comfort we all run to memory foam for in the first place.

But there is no need to look for another type of bedding if this is your concern, because there top name brands such as Serta are finding ways to combat this problem without losing the extremely comfortable aspects of memory foam.

The Serta True Response mattress is an excellent example of the changes being made. High quality memory foam is used in this mattress, but the surrounding fabrics are designed to regulate temperatures so that you don’t become overheated during the night. This is a big step forward that solves what is often the only problem consumers have with a Serta memory foam mattress.

The Serta visco foam mattress continues to be one of the most comfortable beds on the market, and it also supports the body properly so that your spine stays in proper alignment.

This combined with the relief of common pressure points along the body means you will wake up free from aches and stiffness that often comes from spending too many hours on an uncomfortable, unsupportive mattress.

When it comes to comfort, support, and temperature control you cannot top a good Serta foam mattress. Add in that they are priced so that many consumers can easily afford them, and what more could you possibly ask for in a mattress?

Of course, there are higher priced brands on the market but most consumers find that all of their needs can be adequately met at a lower price point with a Serta foam mattress, so there is no point to shell out thousands more dollars for all the bells and whistles.