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Serta Perfect Sleeper Danford Eurotop Mattress

The Serta Perfect Sleeper Danford mattress provides a little taste of luxury for just a little price tag. Often sold at low end stores such as Big Lots, you cannot expect top notch quality or the absolute best materials on the market. So, what exactly can you expect from a low end mattress such as the Danford?

Usually, you cannot expect very much from a lower priced mattress. They are often made with cheap foams that wear down and start to sag rather quickly. Sometimes this happens even within the very first year of sleeping on a low cost bed. Fortunately, you can expect a little more quality and durability from the Serta Danford mattress.

While memory foam and latex are not on the table within this price range, the Danford mattress does have a foam based encasement that surrounds the coil system.

Combined with the double beam foundation this does provide some extra protection against sagging. Of course, you will never be able to completely eliminate the possibility of sagging on a lower priced innerspring mattress, but if you take good care of your Serta Danford Eurotop mattress chances are high that it should last longer than many mattresses within this price range made from lesser known brands.

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The Danford Perfect Sleeper Eurotop will provide some comfort and reasonable durability for consumers who simply cannot afford the higher priced models offered by Serta.

The best alternative to the Perfect Sleeper line would be to look around for a great deal on a Serta mattress that generally runs a little higher, such as the Vera Wang collection or maybe the latex or memory foam core models available in the Luxury Response collection.

Right now great deals can be found both online and through your local furniture stores. It is worth your time to look through higher priced models and find a great deal that knocks the price down to your affordable range. Many consumers are getting more bed for their money by doing just this.

The best thing about the Serta Perfect Sleeper Danford mattress is the price tag. There isn’t much to brag about when it comes to the materials inside the mattress since it is rather basic.

The plus side is you get a comfortable bed that may be more durable than others in this low price range, and if it doesn’t last as long as you might wish there is always the option of adding a high quality mattress topper to refresh the sleeping surface.