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Serta Beds

Have you ever stayed the night in a hotel room and dreaded the sound of the alarm because the bed is so extremely comfortable? Perhaps you woke up more refreshed than you had been in months, thanks to receiving adequate support at key body areas often leave you stiff and sore at home.

If you enjoyed that night of sleep but assumed it was something only attainable in hotels, you were wrong. There is a good chance you were sleeping in a Serta bed, and could in fact buy it at a reasonable price and repeat that amazing night of sleep for years to come.

The Cloud Nine Bed by Serta is commonly found in many popular hotel rooms, and delivers that plush sleeping surface that both supports and comforts every curve of your body from the moment you lie down to the moment the alarm sounds and you are forced to get up and rush into your day.

The kind of sleep that restores and rejuvenates your mind and body is not just for hotel rooms. It is something you can bring into your own home and enjoy night after night.

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The Serta Cloud Nine bed offers three different models, all with their own features and prices. They are all designed with sturdy edges that will not easily break down if you sit or sleep on them, and stable springs that will offer years of stable support.

You will have to choose between plush tops which have a firmer feel on the sleeping surface and a pillow top which is padded with softer materials for extreme comfort.

If you are thinking that you probably cannot afford a Cloud Nine Hotel mattress, it is time to rethink once again. Even if you bought the most luxurious bed in this line, you would pay less than most other luxury mattress sets on the market today.A Cloud Nine bed can easily be purchased for just over a thousand dollars, with great deals becoming available through the internet every day.

Next time you visit a popular hotel take a look at the mattress tag and see if you are not enjoying the extreme comfort of a Serta bed.

Since they are used in many hotels frequented by travelers and businessmen, it is very likely that you have slept on a Cloud Nine bed and awoken blissfully well rested. Now that feeling of rejuvenation can be brought into your own home.