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The 10" Sensus Memory Foam Mattress

Instead of purchases an entirely new mattress, you can turn whatever mattress you already own into a sensual sleeping surface with the addition of a relatively low cost Sensus mattress topper...

Should You Buy a Sensus Mattress or Topper?

The only difference between Sensus foam and other memory foams used in various other mattress brands is how they are manufactured. Yet, that one distinction changes so much about the resilience and durability...

Sensus Mattress Topper - A High Quality Memory Foam Pad

Sensus foam is manufactured through a special process that is patented exclusively to Foamex. This process makes the foam more sensitive to heat, which in turn allows it to respond to your body and every shift in position...

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Sensus Memory Foam Mattress

If you haven’t heard of the Sensus memory foam mattress before, you are not alone. While it is not one of the top name brands on the market right now, it is one of the best memory foam mattresses you can buy. This is due to the manufacturing process through which it is made. It is made through a company called Foamex and is basically designed to outperform most of the other varieties of visco-memory foam commonly used in the bedding industry.

The unique foam used in the Sensus foam mattress is manufactured with a process known as Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF). The exact details of this process are unknown, but it is patented by Foamex and is used exclusively by them. The result of this procedure is a more temperature resistant foam which is better able to conform to your body and move with you during the night.

Memory foam gets its conforming properties from its sensitivity to heat. The foam inside the mattress compresses down when you lie down on the sleeping surface. Your body heat causes the foam to become softer and give more under the heaviest parts of your body. This is why it feels the mattress is supporting you better. Instead of merely lying on top of the mattress, your heavier points sink more into the mattress for total comfort and support.

The foam used in a Sensus mattress does all of this, only much better. It is more sensitive to heat than most other foams, which enables it to respond to your shift in positions quicker. One common complaint with other types of memory foam is that it becomes extremely comfortable in one position, but when you shift or roll over the foam takes too long to soften up and conform. This problem is completely eliminated with Sensus.

The biggest complaint that comes up in mattress reviews for memory foam beds is the price tag that comes with this higher quality material. If you are a little price shy or simply do not have a lot of money to spend on a mattress right now, a more affordable alternative is to purchase a Sensus memory foam mattress topper. Whatever bed you are currently sleeping on can essentially be turned into a superior functioning Sensus bed with the simple addition of a much lower priced topper.

If you really want a high quality memory foam bed and are not afraid to pay for the best, then the Sensus memory foam mattress is an excellent option to consider.

Sensus Topper - As Good as any Brand of Memory Foam

Forget those expensive mattress sets that run into the thousands of dollars for a single bed. If you are in need of a more comfortable bed and will settle for nothing less than supreme quality memory foam, then you should...

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