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Sensus Mattress Topper - A High Quality Memory Foam Pad

Sensus foam is manufactured through a special process that is patented exclusively to Foamex. This process makes the foam more sensitive to heat, which in turn allows it to respond to your body and every shift in position...

The 10" Sensus Memory Foam Mattress

Instead of purchases an entirely new mattress, you can turn whatever mattress you already own into a sensual sleeping surface with the addition of a relatively low cost Sensus mattress topper...

Should You Buy a Sensus Mattress or Topper?

The only difference between Sensus foam and other memory foams used in various other mattress brands is how they are manufactured. Yet, that one distinction changes so much about the resilience and durability...

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Sensus Mattress

The Sensus company is one of many subsidiaries of Foamex International, a leading producer of products made from polyurethane foam. Some of the many products produced are bedding, furniture, carpet padding, automotive interior trim, and a wide array of electrical and specialty synthetic foams. Sister companies of Sensus include Reflex Natural, Dri*Fast, Venus, and Aquazone. You may never know it, but you use Foamex products in many of your day-to-day activities.

The Basics of a Sensus Memory Foam Mattress

Sensus Memory Foam provides an extraordinary amount of qualities to your sleep products. Durability, performance, comfort, and elasticity are only a few of the many benefits it offers.

Sizes of the Sensus Viscoelastic Mattress

Sensus Memory Foam Mattresses are available in most popular bed sizes, Twin, Twin Long, Queen, King, and even California King. All sizes offer the same quality materials, and boast the same superior sleep. At Sensus, their business is to formulate the best sleep surfaces in the world from today's most advanced material technology.

Sensus Deluxe

Starting at around $800, a Sensus Deluxe bed provides a shock absorbing under-padding, topped with the Sensus viscoelastic mattress material. This is then encased in quality cotton and other natural and synthetic materials to help keep you cool and dry, even on the hottest nights. As the basic Sensus Memory Foam mattress, the Deluxe offers more than you can expect from even the highest priced traditional sleep surfaces, at a bargain price.

Sensus 10 Quilted Deluxe

The top of the Sensus line, a Quilted Deluxe offers the same high quality you'd get with a Sensus Deluxe, but tops it off with a special quilted mattress top which allows exceptional airflow, channelling heat and moisture away without allowing it to accumulate. Available at a price that is several times lower than you'd pay for a traditional mattress of similar support and comfort, this is truly the top of the line in memory foam sleep comfort.

Along with these lines of quality bedding, you can also purchase Sensus pillows and other sleep products. Indeed, there is not another more rounded supplier of quality memory foam products, and the prices involved are nothing short of remarkable for quality products made from any materials, let alone the most advanced comfort technology on the planet.

Sensus Memory Foam Mattress - A 5lb Density Mattress that is Soft but Durable

While it is not one of the top name brands on the market right now, it is one of the best memory foam mattresses you can buy. This is due to the manufacturing process through which it is made...

Sensus Topper - As Good as any Brand of Memory Foam

Forget those expensive mattress sets that run into the thousands of dollars for a single bed. If you are in need of a more comfortable bed and will settle for nothing less than supreme quality memory foam, then you should...

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