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Sealy Pillow Top Mattress

What is the most popular type of bed on the market right now? If you thought of latex or Posturepedic support systems, you are on the right track but haven’t hit the nail quite on the head. There is something even better out there: a Sealy pillow top mattress atop a high quality latex or Posturepedic bed.

What is inside your mattress is important, but what kind of top you have is absolutely essential to a good night of sleep. In fact, it can make a difference in whether you enjoy your bed or completely hate it in time.

You have probably suffered the pain of a bed that did not suit your personal sleeping preferences, so it is important to consider what you will actually be bringing home if you decide on a Sealy pillowtop.

Pillow tops are one of the best mattress options for most people because they allow the body to completely sink down into the top, just as your head sinks into your pillow every night. This eliminates the uncomfortable pressure points that can be caused by some mattresses, which lead to aches, pains, and stiffness in the morning.

Sealy pillow top mattresses use the euro design, which is a little different than the pillow top design many consumers are used to seeing in most local stores. In this design the pillow is connected to the top of the mattress around the edges so that the pillow cushioning extends the full area of the sleep surface.

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These pillowtops are an option that can be added to almost any line of Sealy bedding, including the popular Posturepedic and latex beds.

Their Posturepedic mattress sets are designed to give every part of the body proper support so that your spine stays in proper alignment no matter which position you choose to sleep in.

Latex beds offer much of the same support but have the added benefit of not using any metal springs or coils at all.

Since it is a natural material that comes from the rubber tree, latex is extremely durable and these beds will last much longer than other types of beds on the market.

Combine that durability and body support with a plush pillowtop that cradles the body in extreme comfort and you have a bed that is very hard to surpass.

If you are considering a Sealy pillow top mattress for your next bed, make sure to put careful consideration into the mattress you attach it to. Make the right combination and you can be sleeping on clouds for years to come.