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Sealy Mattress

Sealy have been making top quality mattresses since 1881. The company is renowned for the quality of its products.

The quality is a direct result of the Sealy's belief in research and development and employing the latest technological advances in the manufacturing process combined with the best quality materials available. When you buy a Sealy mattress you can rest assured you've bought the best.

The Sealy Posturepedic mattress was designed in conjunction with orthopedic surgeons to provide correct back support. Only the best materials are used to ensure that you get a good night's sleep. The coil systems are heavy gauge and are heat tempered twice to help maintain their shape.

The patented Unicased Edge Design ensures that the mattress retains its shape, even after many years of use. It also means that you get edge-to-edge comfort, evenly distributed across the entire mattress. The Posturepedic mattress also uses pressure point materials, which help reduce tossing, so giving you a better nights' sleep.

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Sealy has also developed a memory foam mattress, called TrueForm. The TrueForm mattress responds to body temperature and weight to provide the correct support.

Like all memory foam mattresses, the Sealy TrueForm conforms to the exact shape of your body, helping to provide orthopedically correct alignment of your spine. The Sealy memory foam mattress has received many excellent reviews.

Sealy's latest innovation is the SpringFree mattress; a mattress without springs. The materials used resist compression, providing consistent long-term comfort.

The secret lies in the core being a 100% latex mattress. Synthetic and not natural latex is used, so people who are allergic to natural latex can rest easy. The core is then covered with layers of luxurious knit fabric. The Sealy latex mattress uses FlameGuard fire-resistent technology.

Buying a Sealy mattress isn't cheap however, you get what you pay for; a top quality, highly rated mattress. A Sealy mattress will provide the best possible comfort that money can buy - for many years to come.