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Royal-Pedic Cloud Mattress

Consumers are weighing in on this mattress with a lot of high praise, but what exactly gives it that soft, plush feeling that everyone has fallen in love with?

Royal Pedic Latex Mattress - A Naturally Hypoallergenic Mattress

If you or someone in your family suffers from a serious allergy condition, you have probably already heard about the hypo-allergenic Royal Pedic latex mattress, but is it really the best...

Royal-Pedic Organic Mattress - Choice of Cotton or Latex

The number of mattresses popping up on the market with more earth friendly materials and manufacturing processes is slowly growing, so where does the Royal-Pedic organic mattress stand amongst the other options?

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A Review of the Royal Pedic 7-Zone Latex Mattress

What makes the Royal Pedic 7-Zone latex mattress really worth the steep price tag is the lack of chemicals inside the mattress. Too many mattresses today are based around synthetic materials that have...

Royal Pedic Pillow Top - Cloud Mattress

The ultimate in luxury bedding has been achieved with the Royal Pedic pillow top mattress. Combining the best possible materials in the bedding industry with high technology design, this is the best bed mattress for anyone who enjoys a super soft sleeping surface. While this type of mattress and the luxury it provides may be tempting to many people, it is a higher priced mattress that not everyone will be able to afford. So, what makes the Royal Cotton pillow top mattress worth the extra money, and is it the best option for your home?

Consumers who enjoy the Royal Pedic Cloud pillow top mattress are those that need a super soft surface in order to sleep comfortably. The plush softness provided by an extreme pillow top does not deliver the amount of body support that those mattresses more on the firm side offer, so it is important to ensure you can handle the softness before purchasing this mattress.

The Cloud model is the top of the line pillow top mattress set from the brand. The super plush sleeping surface is created from layers of 100% Belgian cotton and chemical free French wool. The pillow top is then topped off with hypo-allergenic fill. All of this material combines to deliver the sensation of sleeping in the clouds, just as the name suggests.

Yet, the soft sleeping surface is backed up with extra support from high quality, unknotted six turn coils and a layer of high quality all natural talalay latex. While this may not be enough support for someone with a back problem or a consumer who just enjoys more firm material beneath them, it is more support than most super plush pillow tops offer.

For those who don’t want to put out the money to purchase an entire mattress but still want the luxurious softness of sleeping in clouds, a Royal Pedic pillow top pad can be added onto any mattress. They are available in 3, 4, and 5 inch thickness and use comforting materials that also support and cradle the body while you sleep.

Hands down, the best mattress for anyone interested in a super soft sleeping surface is the Royal Pedic pillow top mattress. It may cost a little more than some consumers are looking to pay for a mattress set, but the extra comfort and durability built into each mattress more than makes up for the price difference when compared to similar beds on the market right now.

Royal Pedic Bed - Definitely one of the Best Mattresses Currently Avaliable

If you had a couple thousand dollars and could purchase any mattress on the market today, what would you choose? Many consumers would go with a Royal Pedic bed, not only because they offer...

Royal Pedic Mattress Reviews

What did Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan have in common? Perhaps only that they both enjoyed sleeping on a mattress produced by Royal Pedic. In fact, many celebrities are still sleeping on mattresses from this brand...

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