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Royal-Pedic Cloud Mattress

Consumers are weighing in on this mattress with a lot of high praise, but what exactly gives it that soft, plush feeling that everyone has fallen in love with?

Royal Pedic Latex Mattress - A Naturally Hypoallergenic Mattress

If you or someone in your family suffers from a serious allergy condition, you have probably already heard about the hypo-allergenic Royal Pedic latex mattress, but is it really the best...

Royal Pedic Pillow Top - Cloud, Cotton Organic or Pad

The ultimate in luxury bedding has been achieved with the Royal Pedic pillow top mattress. Combining the best possible materials in the bedding industry with high technology design, this is the best bed mattress for anyone who enjoys...

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A Review of the Royal Pedic 7-Zone Latex Mattress

What makes the Royal Pedic 7-Zone latex mattress really worth the steep price tag is the lack of chemicals inside the mattress. Too many mattresses today are based around synthetic materials that have...

Royal-Pedic Organic Mattresses

You live your life with an environmentally conscious attitude, why shouldn’t your bedding reflect those values? The number of mattresses popping up on the market with more earth friendly materials and manufacturing processes is slowly growing, so where does the Royal-Pedic organic mattress stand amongst the other options?

While there is nothing special about the manufacturing process that goes into each Royal-Pedic Organic Cotton mattress, there is something very special about the materials that are placed inside each one. From the top sleeping surface to the accompanying box springs, every effort is taken to use what nature so generously offers in order to keep this line of beds healthier for your body and the planet you love so much.

There are two different lines of bedding in the organic mattress category from Royal-Pedic: the organic mattress line and the premium organic line. The differences between the beds in these lines are not very different, but if you can afford the Premium line the differences may be worth paying extra for. The two main differences include a higher coil count and a different natural cotton top material used in the premium mattresses.

While a higher coil count in the premium Royal-Pedic Natural cotton mattress will deliver more bodily support, it will also make your mattress last a little longer as it will be stronger to hold up to your body weight night after night. The organic cotton damask used on the premium mattresses is also extremely nice, thought the natural organic canvas used on the regular organic mattresses is extremely soft and comfortable as well.

Every Royal-Pedic Organic latex Quilt Top mattress comes with a high grade wool wrapping on top, whether you purchase the premium mattress or not. Since the biggest complaint against latex mattresses is that they tend to be a little warmer to sleep in than other types of mattresses, the ability of this wool material to draw heat away from the body makes this the best mattress on the latex market that you could purchase today.

The Royal-Pedic organic mattress also comes with high quality box springs. You will receive amazing body support from these high coil count box spring systems. This means that from the top wool surface to the underlying springs, you will receive an amazingly supportive mattress that also offers a soft, comfortable sleeping surface. That alone ensures that this mattress stands far ahead of other organic mattresses currently on the market.

Royal Pedic Bed - Definitely one of the Best Mattresses Currently Avaliable

If you had a couple thousand dollars and could purchase any mattress on the market today, what would you choose? Many consumers would go with a Royal Pedic bed, not only because they offer...

Royal Pedic Mattress Reviews

What did Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan have in common? Perhaps only that they both enjoyed sleeping on a mattress produced by Royal Pedic. In fact, many celebrities are still sleeping on mattresses from this brand...

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