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Royal-Pedic Cloud Mattress

Consumers are weighing in on this mattress with a lot of high praise, but what exactly gives it that soft, plush feeling that everyone has fallen in love with?

Royal-Pedic Organic Mattress - Choice of Cotton or Latex

The number of mattresses popping up on the market with more earth friendly materials and manufacturing processes is slowly growing, so where does the Royal-Pedic organic mattress stand amongst the other options?

Royal Pedic Latex Mattress - A Naturally Hypoallergenic Mattress

If you or someone in your family suffers from a serious allergy condition, you have probably already heard about the hypo-allergenic Royal Pedic latex mattress, but is it really the best...

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Royal Pedic Mattress

Founded by Abe Kaplan in the mid 1940's, Royal Pedic mattresses are designed using the procedures established through over 300 years of Swiss bed making. From the Royal families of England to Presidents of the United states, these quality beds have earned a reputation of comfort and quality almost without equal.

Amazingly, this luxurious comfort is available at a price that is much more in line with lower quality beds, putting them within reach of people who had never thought such exquisite sleep was available.

Try The Hypo-Allergenic Royal Pedic All Cotton Mattresses

Excellent for people who suffer from allergies, a Royal Pedic All Cotton Mattress is made using unbleached cotton, and the Royal-Flex innerspring system. Optional Mattress pads are available in three inch and five inch thicknesses, providing increased plushness for a more comfortable night's sleep. Enjoy relief from common bed-related allergies without a doctor's note!

The Luxury of Royal Pedic Pillow Top Mattresses

You won't need an additional mattress when you purchase a Royal Pedic Pillowtop. What you will need, however, are extra deep fitted sheets, as more conventional fitted sheets will be inadequate for the eith inch thickness of this exquisite mattress. And its made with unbleached cotton, making it ideal for people who suffer from allergies.

Regal Support From Royal Pedic Latex Mattresses

There just isn't anything else like the 7 zone support provided by Royal Pedic Latex Mattresses. Find out how good sleep can be with a space-age latex mattress. For additional comfort, and reduced reflected heat from the mattress, add a deluxe mattress pad formulated especially to conduct heat away from the body and provide the rest of sleeping on a cloud.

Experience The Royal Pedic Natural Organic Mattress Collection

Available in medical and consumer grades, the Royal Pedic Natural Organic Mattress Collection offers the ultimate in hypo-allergenic sleep surfaces. Hand constructed with multiple layers of organic cotton, including 100% cotton tufting, these mattresses will provide sleeping comfort that most people think can only be had by paying much higher prices, and this is without even taking into account the superior support that is only available through Royal Pedic's unique design.

For allergy sufferers, or just those who want a luxury bed at an affordable price, the Royal Pedic line of sleep products is something that simply must be experienced. This company is also one of the few that can be contracted to provide custom sized bedding, just like they once did for Wilt Chamberlain, who had a ten foot square bed manufactured expressly for his height of over seven feet.

Royal Pedic Pillow Top - Cloud, Cotton Organic or Pad

The ultimate in luxury bedding has been achieved with the Royal Pedic pillow top mattress. Combining the best possible materials in the bedding industry with high technology design, this is the best bed mattress for anyone who enjoys...

Royal Pedic Bed - Definitely one of the Best Mattresses Currently Avaliable

If you had a couple thousand dollars and could purchase any mattress on the market today, what would you choose? Many consumers would go with a Royal Pedic bed, not only because they offer...

Royal Pedic Mattress Reviews

What did Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan have in common? Perhaps only that they both enjoyed sleeping on a mattress produced by Royal Pedic. In fact, many celebrities are still sleeping on mattresses from this brand...

A Review of the Royal Pedic 7-Zone Latex Mattress

What makes the Royal Pedic 7-Zone latex mattress really worth the steep price tag is the lack of chemicals inside the mattress. Too many mattresses today are based around synthetic materials that have...

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