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Royal Aireloom Mattresses

Where do consumers turn when they are tired of settling for second best when it comes to their bedding options? Most consumers cycle through several different mattresses in different price ranges before they find a bed that suits their sleep needs and delivers the high quality they expect from well known brands.

This is quite a hassle and more and more people are turning to the Royal Aireloom mattress from the very beginning, essentially cutting out the hassle of lower end mattresses and purchasing the best from the get go.

So, what makes the Aireloom brand the first stop for hard-to-please consumers who want the very best? It may be the fact that they hand-stitch the sides of many of their mattresses to ensure they hold up for many years to come, or that they only use the absolute best materials that can be found today.

For most people it is because the name brand has been on the market for a long time and has a standing reputation for offering high quality products that last for years without wearing down. That alone is a big improvement over the many mattresses that start to sag or form uncomfortable body impressions in a rather short period of time.

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The determining factor in how well a foam mattress will hold up is how much of the high quality foam is actually inside the mattress. For example, some mattresses advertise as latex mattresses but the actual latex is only in small areas of the mattress, often called “zones.”

The Royal Aireloom foam mattress stands apart from that practice by offering solid latex or viscoelastic cores on many of their top models.

A Royal Aireloom latex mattress with a high density solid latex core will easily last for twenty years or possibly even longer. That is a lifespan that most other brands simply cannot compete with.

Similarly, a Royal Aireloom memory foam mattress with specially designed foam that offers better air circulation and more resilience is hard to top as well.

Where the Royal Aireloom mattress tends to lose out is in terms of price. There will always be a steep price tag on ultra luxurious bedding that uses the absolute best materials and manufacturing processes in the industry, and the problem with that is many consumers simply cannot afford to pay five or seven thousand dollars for a single mattress set. That is high quality lower priced mattresses with similar features and materials steal a good bit of sales.