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Restonic Mattress

Restonic mattresses have been made since 1938. Today, the company is listed in the top 10 of mattress manufacturers in the United States and is the sixth time winner of the Consumer's Digest 'Best Buy' award - more than any other mattress manufacturer.

The company's tradition is firmly based in designing the best innerspring mattresses and the Restonic Comfort Care mattress is second to none. But the company hasn't rested on its laurels and has moved with the times embracing new technology and manufacturing techniques in the making of its mattresses. As a result, the company offers the consumer a wide choice of traditional innerspring to more modern forms like air, latext and memory foam. Very few other mattress companies can offer the consumer such a wide selection of mattress types.

Restonic ComfortCare Mattress

The Restonic Comfort Care mattress is an award winning traditional innerspring mattress. It features the company's Marvelous Middle system. The center of the mattress has more spings concentrated in the center third, which is the part that bears most of the weight of the sleeper and wear most support is needed. In fact the posturized center provides 25% more support than other innerspring mattresses.

The mattress also incorporates the patented SpiraLok™ Technology which uses a tight steel weave that locks the coils together thereby helping to reduce motion transference. Wave motion is greatly reduced and sleeping partners disturb each other less when they move during the night. The springs are encased with a high density foam around the edge. The system is called SuperEdge Plus™ Technology and helps to keep the edge of the mattress from sagging and helps to ensure a complete edge-to-edge sleeping surface.

The Restonic Comfort Care mattress comes in a number of firmness options from Firm, to Plush to EuroTop. The Restonic Grand Palais is a EuroTop mattress that consists of plush fibers and soft foams and will certainly make you feel like royalty as you snuggle down for a night of restful sleep. The Restonic warranty offered on its innerspring mattresses is 10 and 15 years.

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Restonic Latex Mattress

Latex is extremely non-allergenic and antimicrobial making it an ideal choice for allergy sufferers. It also is durable and body comforming providing pressure-point relief. There are no springs in a latex mattress and motion transference is greatly reduced.

The Restonic Temptation is a beautiful 100% latext mattress that comes in Firm and Plush options. The Firm comes with 6” Core Density 100% Natural Latex and 2” Medium Density 100% Natural Latex comfort layer. The Plush comes with an additional top layer of 1” Soft 100% Natural Latex .

Restonic Memory Foam Mattress

The Restonic Health Rest range of memory foam mattresses uses the latest technical innovation of viscoelastic foam that responds to weight and body temperatures to bring unparelled support and comfort. The Restonic Sensi Pedic mattress comes with a 6.5” Heavy Density Foam Core and 3.5” of 5 lb memory foam. For a more plush feel, the Rextonic Sensi Lux Plush comes with the same core but a thicker 4" of 5 lb memory foam. The Restonic Sensi Rest Plush is the same as the Pedic, but with an addition 1" layer of convoluted foam to help disperse body heat for a cooler, more comfortable sleep.

Restonic Magnet Mattress

The Restonic Sleep Odyssey Magnet mattress features two inch-wide magnetic strips that run horizontally. Magnets are medically proven to assist the body's natural metabolism to restore good health and vitality. They help to improve circulation, ease stiffness, reduce chroni back pain and are non-invasive.

WARNING! Manufacturers of medical devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators and insulin pumps have advised consumers to avoid the use of products containing magnets.

Restonic Air Mattress

Many like the benefits of sleeping on an air mattress. These types of mattress usually come in two halves allowing each partner to control their own comfort level. Restonic air mattresses come with dual, hand-held control wands that allow each sleeper to adjust the support system to his or her own level.