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Restonic ComfortCare - What Sets this Mattress Apart?

The Restonic ComfortCare mattress has identified the most sensitive parts of your body during sleep: head, neck, shoulders, back, and calves. These areas are where pressure points often start to cause aches, pains, and stiffness that lead you to toss and turn...

Restonic Grand Palais - Encased Coil Mattress

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want a good mattress that delivers a lot of the popular bedding choices in style right now, the Restonic Grand Palais mattress may initially look to be a good option...

Restonic Mattresses - The Memory Foam Bed Really Is Among The Very Best

Restonic mattresses claim to be among the very best in the market right now, but of course so does every other name brand that includes a memory foam model in their line up. Sorting through the long terms and...

Restonic HealthRest Mattresses

At first glance, you may think there is nothing special about a Restonic Healthrest mattress. They look much like any other mattress you see in local stores and reading about most of the models gives you the same information you see offered from about every other top bedding manufacturer. There are mentions of comfort zones and special materials such as latex and various other foams. You see claims of keeping the spine in proper alignment and relieving pressure points.

Yet, when you dig a little deeper and get into the details there are some things from Restonic that really stick out. What are they, and are they worth your money?

There isn’t much to text all your friends about when you look into the innerspring mattresses offered under this brand, but when you get into what they call their “specialty mattresses” you find a couple options that are not currently being offered by most other top brands in the industry.

The specialty mattresses are found under the Restonic Health Rest line. While some of the models are more common to the market, such as the Restonic HealthRest memory foam and Restonic Healthrest latex mattress sets, there are a couple additions that aren’t widely represented in the market just yet. These special additions include an air mattress and the Restonic HealthRest magnetic system.

Incorporating magnets into mattresses is not entirely new, but it is an option that a lot of the other top brands have yet to include in their popular mattress lines. You may think of people with chronic pain when you think of a magnetic mattress, but they have actually been proven to improve other health problems as well, including circulation problems. Magnetic fields are also believed to help the metabolism stabilize and restore overall health to all parts of the body.

Using circular shaped magnets inside each mattress, Restonic has tapped into a new area of bedding that hasn’t been fully explored at this point. Anyone who suffers from consistent pain anywhere in the body should check into these unique mattresses that could actually give them some relief every time they lay down. In fact, anyone concerned with the health of their body may want to look into the benefits of sleeping on a magnetic mattress.

Whether one of the specialty beds being offered by Restonic turn out to be the best mattress for your current needs depends on your overall health and what you are looking for most. Whether you want luxurious comfort or unparalleled body support, you are likely to find a Restonic Healthrest mattress that suits you very well.

Restonic Magnetic Mattress

Many people living with chronic pain are turning to the Restonic Magnetic Mattress for a safe alternative to pain relief, but it is only a matter of time before consumers with less serious issues discover the tremendous benefits of sleeping on magnets...

Restonic Mattress Reviews

Restonic mattress reviews continue to give reasonably good ratings to some of the most popular models being offered from this brand name. There will always be...

Restonic Beds

Restonic beds are truly at the forefront of the industry when it comes to keeping up with modern innovations and applying that information to their newest mattresses. While they still produce more traditional...

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