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Restonic Beds

Restonic beds are truly at the forefront of the industry when it comes to keeping up with modern innovations and applying that information to their newest mattresses. While they still produce more traditional innerspring mattresses, the brand now has a separate line that consists of more innovative types of bedding. In fact, even their innerspring mattresses have something special to offer these days.

Before deciding if a Restonic bed mattress is right for your sleep needs, you have to take into consideration all they have to offer. If you are completely set on memory foam, latex, or some other specific material and do not care about other features then you may have to open your mind to the possibility that better materials are now on the market. In fact, you may find that the more innovative beds by Restonic are exactly what you need.

If you are dedicated to finding a high quality innerspring mattress, then you are more likely to check into the Restonic ComfortCare bed first. These do contain your typical innerspring system at the core, but they are also equipped with what Restonic calls their “marvelous middle.”

The marvelous middle is simply extra layers of support positioned in the middle section of each mattress. This is done to ensure that your body receives the extra support that it needs at just the right points. The idea is to deliver a more comfortable sleeping surface but it is not necessarily any better than other innerspring mattresses being offered from other brands.

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What really makes the brand stand out is the Restonic HealthRest bed line. These beds step away from the traditional innerspring systems and offer more innovative options. The line includes mattresses made with air chambers, magnets, and high quality foams such as latex and memory foam.

While latex, memory foam, and air beds are already represented on the market through other well known brands, the magnetic beds produced by Restonic are truly innovative and unique. They claim to relieve aches and pains and to allow the body to heal faster from injuries. That may be a lot to believe, but many people who have been unable to get a full night of rest in the past due to severe pain now swear that they sleep hours on end in the magnetic bed.

What makes Restonic beds worth checking out is their commitment to finding the absolute best materials out there and bringing them to the market.